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Workshop in Haean Catchment and Seoul, September 2009


TERRRECO Field Excursion

Haean Catchment, September 25 – 27, 2009



September 25              Pickup at Incheon Airport – transfer to Punchbowl Guest

                                        House, Haean  

 19:00 Dinner at TERRECO house

Discussion of individual interests in viewing field sites


September 26              8:00–8:30      Chamber demo at “Jolly Kwon” rice field

9:00–9:30      Piezometer sites and hydrology installations

                        at junction of Park and Bartsch streams

9:30–10:30    Viewing of prototype run-off plot

11:00              Visit to Haean Experimental Farm and

                        Welcome by Mayor Pang

12:00              Lunch with Mayor and Yanggu Officials

14:00              Visit to Park forest site and weir

15:00              Visit to sites of individual interest or Eulji


                                        19:00              Barbecue dinner



TERRECO Workshop

Seoul National University, September 27-29, 2009


September 27 (Sunday) TERRECO Internal Session


Venue: Room 103, Graduate School of Environmental Studies at Seoul National University 



Opening address (S. Kang)


Oral Presentation session (Chairman: S. Kang, J. Park)


Water quality and ecological restoration                                  Bomchul Kim


Watershed biogeochemical responses to changing

climate and land use                                                                  Ji-Hyung Park et al.


Biodiversity studies in human-dominated landscapes

of Korea                                                                                       Chanryul Park, Dowon Lee


Adaptation to climate change in forest sector in Korea         Jonghwan Lim


Humic substance and aquatic microbial ecology                    Taeseok Ahn


Effects of water level drawdown and elevated

temperature on wetland microbes                                             Hojeong Kang


Monitoring vegetation productivity and

evapotranspiration from satellite                                                Sinkyu Kang et al.   


Overview of TERRECO developments in 2009                       John Tenhunen



Poster Presentation session (Chairman: J. Tenhunen)
16:40-18:30 (presented by...)


Transpiration of Tree Species and Stands in Temperate, Mixed Deciduous Forest of S. Korea

Eunyoung Jung and John Tenhunen

Identification of source areas and the role of the hyporheic exchange for NO3 and DOC export from a catchment under monsoonal climate conditions

Svenja Bartsch and Stefan Peiffer

Soil hydrology under different soil additives in artificial runoff plots

Sebastian Arnhold and Bernd Huwe

Soil erosion and management measures in the Haean catchment of Korea

Sebastian Arnhold and Bernd Huwe

N cycle and retention of croplands in complex terrain in South Korea

Janine Kettering

Ecosystem CO2 Exchange in Croplands of South Korea

Bora Lee, Ralf Geyer and John Tenhunen

Comparison of N2O, NOx and CH4 fluxes as affected by land use systems and climate in the Eger Basin, Fichtelgebirge and in small catchments in Korea

Gerhard Gebauer

Role of weeds on bioproductivity and CO2 exchange in the agro-ecosystems in Haean-myun Basin of South Korea

Steve Lindner

Effects of landscape context and management practices on insect diversity and biological pest control

Chan-Ryul Park and Steve Lindner

Quantification of Herbivory in Different Management Systems – Comparing Conventional to Organic Rice Farming using Pomacea canaliculata as a Biological Weed Control Agent in the Haean-myun Catchment, South Korea

Kati Wenzel

The impact of socio-economic land-use decisions on ecosystem services in a South Korean watershed

Patrick Poppenborg and Thomas Koellner

Developing a basin-scale crop-economics model closely linked with agricultural science
Bumsuk Seo
Economic simulation model for agriculture in Soyang Watershed
Thanh Nguyen

Water use and distribution in Kangwon Province

Young-Sun Kim and Detlef Müller-Mahn

The political ecology of climate change – Adaptation strategies of farmers in Haean

Susann Trabert and Detlef Müller-Mahn



September 28 (Monday) - Presentations by Invited Guests


Venue: Faculty Club at Seoul National University


Suggestions for 2010 TERRECO workshops (John Tenhunen)


TERRECO Scenario Session

Chairman: B. Kim, J. Yang, D. Lee)

(for further information about contents of talks, please contact John Tenhunen)


10:00-10:30   Climate change in Korea (Won-Tae Kwon, National Institute of Meteorological Research)

10:30-11:00   Shift in water quality management strategy

                        (Dong-Soo Gong, National Institute of Environmental Research)

11:00-11:30   Climate change and forest policy in Korea

                        (Young-Tae Choi, Korea Forest Service) 


11:30-12:00   Discussion in relation to TERRECO scenarios



1:30-2:00       Strategies in adjusting crop production to climate change (Deog-Bae Lee, National Institute of Agricultural Science and Technology)

2:00-2:30       Impacts of climate change on agricultural economy

                        (Chang-Gil Kim, Korea Rutal Economic Institute)

2:30-3:00       Climate impacts on agricultural soils and water resources

                        (Seug-Ho Heo, National Institute of Agricultural Science and Technology)


3:00-3:30       Discussion in relation to TERRECO scenarios


4:00-4:30       How feasible is carbon sequestration in Korea? A study on the costs of sequestering carbon in forest

                        (So-Eun Ahn, Korea Environment Institute)

4:30-5:00       Climate change and forest ecosystem in Korea  

                        (Joon-Hwan Shin, Korea Forest Research Institute)

5:00-5:30       Impacts of climate change on surface hydrology

                        (Deog-Hyo Bae, Sejong University)

5:30-6:00       GIS-based Soil Erosion Modeling at Hae-an Watershed (Kyoung-Jae Lim, Kangwon National University)


6:00-6:30       Discussion in relation to TERRECO scenarios

6:30-7:00       Discussion of TERRECO data needs 1: Current ongoing work


September 29 (Tuesday) – TERRECO Scenario Session  

(Chairman: John Tenhunen)
(for further information about contents of talks, please contact John Tenhunen)


Venue: Main Conference Room, Faculty Club at Seoul National University



10:00-10:30   Potential land use change in Korea 2010 – 2050

                        (Hee-Nam Jung, Korea Research Institute For Human Settlements)

10:30-11:00   Shift in regional planning in Gangwon Province 
                        (Jeong-Ho Kim, Research Institute for Gangwon) 


11:00-12:00   Discussion in relation to TERRECO scenarios




Integrated Discussion Session (Chairman: John Tenhunen)

-     Revisiting the workshop themes and time schedules

-     Discussion of TERRECO data needs and scales

-     Summary of TERRECO modeling plans – what will come together in 6 months


Kang, Tenhunen, Huwe, Shope, others


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