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 Yanggu Stakeholder Workshop and Excursions, June 13-19, 2010

A workshop sponsored by:

Kangwon National University (KNU), Chuncheon, South Korea

Research Institute for Gangwon, Chuncheon, South Korea

Center of Ecology and Environmental Research, Bayreuth, Germany

Hanns-Seidel Foundation, Seoul, South Korea


In cooperation with:

Korean Forest Research Institute, Seoul, Korea

Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea

Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea


Stakeholder workshop at KCP hotel, Yanggu


June 13          Arrival of German excursion participants to Sejong Hotel, Chuncheon


Pre-workshop Excursions / Background preparation


June 14
8:30                 Departure from Chuncheon
10:30 - 12:00   Arrival in Jaunri and field tour guided by Mr. Jaesung Eum. Stops at water quality measurement sites and viewing point over the watershed. Some brief explanation on agriculture and research activities by Mr. Eum
12:00 - 13:30   Lunch at local restaurant
13:30 - 14:00   Move to Long-Term Ecological Research Site at Mt. Gyebong (deciduous forest site)
14:00 - 15:30   Field tour guided by Dr. Jonghwan Lim in KFRI. A brief introduction on the LTER activities will be given by Dr. Jonghwan Lim
15:30 - 17:30   Move to accommodation place near by Mt. Jumbong
17:30               Dinner (Korean Pork Barbecue)
June 15
8:00                 Breakfast and preparing lunch boxes 
9:00                 Start hiking to Mt. Jumbong guided by Dowon Lee (starting elevation 
                        around 700 meters)
10:30               Stop by a field site of Prof. Kang's PhD research
12:00               Climbing up to the main ridge and lunch
13:30               Top of Mt. Jumbong (1424 meters), sightseeing of one of the most 
                        beautiful sceneries in Korea
15:00               Stop by a Seoraegul Buddhist temple and chat with Monk Sungil
18:00               Arrival in KCP hotel in Yanggu

June 16          Integrated Development and Resource Management in the Soyang Lake Region:  A Stakeholder Discourse

                        (Presented in Korean with English translation available via head sets)


10:00-10:10     Welcome address – County Governour in Yanggu

10:10-10:20    Sinkyu Kang (Assistant Professor in the Department of Environmental Science, Kangwon National University)

                        A synopsis of TERRECO Korean-German collaborative research project

10:20-10:50     Kim Gwang-Sam (Deputy Director for Water Quality Conservation in the Pure Water Conservation Division at Gangwon Provincial Office)

                        Management strategies for non-point-source pollutants in Soyang drainage basin

10:50-11:20    Kim Dae-young (Vice County Governour in Yanggu)

                       Comprehensive development plans for Yanggu county

11:20-11:50    Jun Man-Sik (Committee member for the Research Institute for Gwangwon) 

                        Strategies for equity in water resource management and usage


11:50-13:30     Lunch (KCP Hotel)


13:30-14:00     Ha Sang-Kwon (Senior Scientist in the Soil & Fertilizer Management Division at the National Academy of Agriculture Science)

                        The present and future of highland crop agriculture

14:00-14:30     Yun Jong-Cheon (Director for Agricultural Technology Center in Yanggu


                        Environmentally-friendly agriculture strategies in Haean basin

14:30-15:00     Kim Bomchul (Professor in Department of Environmental Science at Kangwon National University)

                        Mitigation strategies of turbid water in Soyang drainage basin (ECOSTAR)


15:00-15:20    Coffee Break


15:20-15:50     Goo Bon-Gil (President at the North Regional Forest Service)

                        Forest and water resource management in Haean and Soyang drainage basins

15:50-16:20     John Tenhunen (Professor at Department of Plant Ecology, University of Bayreuth in Germany) and Bora Lee (Doctoral Student at UBT, Germany)

                        The TERRECO approach to sustainable regional resource management

16:20-16:50     Bernhard Seliger (Researcher at the Hanns-Seidel Stiftung)

                        Korean and German cooperation for regional development in the border region


16:50-17:30    Discussion


17:30               Welcome dinner


Post-workshop Excursions

Integrated rural development in the border region: Dr. B. Seliger (Hanns Seidel Foundation)

June 17                     

8.30                 Start of participants from Yanggu to Haean

9.10                  Briefing at the field sites (prepared by students, researchers)

                        “Field research sites of the Terreco project 2010”

                        (including visit to Eulji Observatory)

11.40               Transfer to Yanggu

12.15               Lunch in Yanggu

13.15               Transfer to the Peace Dam

14.00               Short Briefing at Peace Dam

                        “The Peace Dam and its political and historical background”

                        Visit of the Peace Dam exhibition

                        Short briefing at the Korea Water corporation

                        “Sustainable water management in the border area”

15.15               Transfer to Hwacheon

16.00               Visit to the Korea Otter Center in Hwacheon
“River restoration, water quality and the future of the Korean otter”

17.30               Return to Haean

19.00               “Oberfranken-Evening” (sponsored by Hanns-Seidel-Foundation)

                        Place: Punchbowl Guest House


June 18                     

9.00                 Start of student participants from Haean to Yanggu

9.40                 Start in Yanggu, Hotel

10.30               Arrival at Yongneup wetland (border of Yanggu/ Inje, Ramsar site)


                        “Yongneup as an important highland moor in the border area, its ecological importance and prospects for eco-tourism”

                        Tour of the region

12.30               Lunch

13.30               Transfer to Goseong-gun

15.30               Arrival at the DMZ observatory

                        Briefing at the observatory

                        “Goseong from the Korean War to a center of inter-Korean cooperation”

16.30               Guided tour of the DMZ museum                

18.00               Dinner

19.00               Check-in Kumgangsan Condominium


June 19


09.00               Start to Hwajinpo

09.30               Tour of the Goseong-gun eco-trail

11.00               Short briefing at Hwajinpo lagoon

                        “Ecology of East Coast lagoons and human activity”

11.30               Transfer to Seonjiho lagoon


                        “East Coast lagoons as important resting areas on the Asian-Pacific migratory bird flyway”

                        Visit of the Korea Deep Sea Water Corporation

13.00               Lunch

14.00               Visit to Hwaamsa (Seoraksan mountains)

15.00               Transfer to Yanggu or Seoul


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