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WP 3: Biological Processes

Active Projects (with main focus on this field)

TERRECO WP 3-01Comparisons of net ecosystem CO2 exchange, carbon gain, growth and water use efficiency of agricultural crops in small catchments in Korea
Steve Lindner, Dennis Ochuodho Otieno, John Tenhunen, Gian-Reto Walther
TERRECO WP 3-11Impacts on Agricultural Resources in a Complex Terrain
Jonghan Ko

Completed Projects (with main focus on this field)

TERRECO WP 3-02Bayesian statistical approaches for parameterization of landscape agricultural production models
Bumsuk Seo, John Tenhunen, Thomas Koellner, Björn Reineking
TERRECO WP 3-03Landscape level carbon and water balances and agricultural production in mountainous terrein of the Haean Basin, South Korea
Bora Lee, John Tenhunen, Hyojung Kwon, Bernd Huwe, Sinkyu Kang
TERRECO WP 3-04Comparisons of N2O and CH4 fluxes as affected by land use systems and climate in small catchments in Korea
Sina Berger, Gerhard Gebauer, Hojeong Kang
TERRECO WP 3-05Snails as biological weed control agents in rice paddies of Haean catchment
Kati Wenzel, Björn Reineking, John Tenhunen
TERRECO WP 3-06Floristic Composition of Bibosoops as Mediated by Seed Dispersal
Insu Koh, Chan Ryul Park, Dowon Lee, Björn Reineking
TERRECO WP 3-07Effects of landscape context and agricultural management practices on insect diversity and biological pest control
Emily Martin, Ingolf Steffan-Dewenter, Björn Reineking
TERRECO WP 3-08The characteristics of the breeding bird community in the Haean Catchment
Chan Ryul Park, Dowon Lee
TERRECO WP 3-09Decline of evergreen coniferous forests due to global warming in Korea
Jong Hwan Lim
TERRECO WP 3-10Assessment of regional forest disasters in Soyang Basin using RHESSys
Sinkyu Kang

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