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IRTG 1565 WP II: TERRECO - Complex Terrain and Ecological Heterogeneity - Evaluating ecosystem services in production versus water yield and water quality in mountainous landscapes
From 03/2009 to 02/2012
Grant manager: John Tenhunen, Sinkyu Kang
Contact person:
Supporting organization: Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft / Korea Science and Engineering Foundation (DFG / KOSEF)

Projects in this grant

TERRECO WP 2-01 Fluxes of dissolved and fine particulate organic matter from terrestrial to aquatic systems in dependence on temperature and precipitation regime
Coworkers: Stefan Strohmeier, Egbert Matzner, Ji-Hyung Park
TERRECO WP 2-02 Hydroclimatic controls on the transport of dissolved and particulate organic matter and trace metals in mountainous forested watersheds
Coworkers: Hyunju Lee, Ji-Hyung Park, Egbert Matzner
TERRECO WP 2-03 Humic substances and aquatic microbial ecology - comparisons in ecosystems of Korea and Germany
Coworkers: Tae Seok Ahn, Stefan Peiffer
TERRECO WP 2-04 Relationships between denitrification rates and denitrifier abundance determined by molecular approaches
Coworkers: Hojeong Kang, Gerhard Gebauer
TERRECO WP 2-05 Element cycles in mountain regions under differing land use
Coworkers: Janine Kettering, Yakov Kuzyakov, Jae E. Yang, Yong Sik Ok
TERRECO WP 2-06 Hydrological response of subsurface stormflow through soil matrix and macropores on forested hillslopes
Coworkers: Kyongha Kim, Bernd Huwe
TERRECO WP 2-07 Land management, erosion, and sediment transport in a mountainous landscape
Coworkers: Sebastian Arnhold, Elisabeth Stöckler, Bruno Glaser, Bernd Huwe, Yong Sik Ok
TERRECO WP 2-08 Effect of polymers on plant residuals decomposition in agroecosystems
Coworkers: Yasser Mahmoud Awad, Yong Sik Ok, Yakov Kuzyakov
TERRECO WP 2-09 Effect of PAM, biopolymers and biochar on runoff, erosion, soil properties, and plant growth
Coworkers: Sang Soo Lee, Yong Sik Ok
TERRECO WP 2-10 Analysis and modeling of flow systems in soils under different topographic and land use conditions
Coworkers: Marianne Ruidisch, Camila Gaviria, Bernd Huwe, Stefan Peiffer, John Tenhunen
TERRECO WP 2-12 Material processing at Haean Basin scale: The role of hyporheic exchange and the riparian zone in NO3 and DOC export from catchments
Coworkers: Svenja Bartsch, Christopher L. Shope, Jan Fleckenstein, Stefan Peiffer
TERRECO WP 2-13 Export of phosphorus and nitrogen from agricultural river basins in Korea
Coworkers: Jaesung Eum, Bomchul Kim
TERRECO WP 2-14 Assessing water yield and water quality in complex terrain at small catchment and regional scales
Coworkers: Christopher L. Shope, Jan Fleckenstein, Stefan Peiffer
TERRECO WP 2-15 Modelling soil greenhouse gas exchange of the Haean catchment
Coworkers: Young-Sun Kim, Ralf Kiese, Klaus Butterbach-Bahl, John Tenhunen

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