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Stefan Peiffer: Projects

  • Pharmaceutical Transport in Agricultural Soils (TERRECO Cluster A-06)
    Jong Yol Park, Bernd Huwe, Stefan Peiffer, Yong Sik Ok, John Tenhunen [Details]

Completed Projects

  • Isotopic N Exchange at Critical Landscape Interfaces (TERRECO Cluster H-01)
    Silvia Parra Suárez, Gerhard Gebauer, Stefan Peiffer, Egbert Matzner, Ji-Hyung Park [Details]

  • Water Sources, Flow Paths and Residence Time in a Forested Catchment of the East Asian Monsoon Region (TERRECO Cluster H-02)
    Jean-Lionel Payeur-Poirier, Luisa Hopp, Stefan Peiffer, Egbert Matzner, Ji-Hyung Park [Details]

  • Carbon and Nitrogen Turnover in Sediments of the Soyang Lake Reservoir (TERRECO Cluster H-03)
    Kiyong Kim, Stefan Peiffer, Klaus-Holger Knorr, Bomchul Kim, Bernd Huwe [Details]

  • Forest Type DOC/CON Dynamics and Exports (TERRECO Cluster F-04)
    Mi-Hee Lee, Egbert Matzner, Stefan Peiffer, Ji-Hyung Park [Details]

  • Humic substances and aquatic microbial ecology - comparisons in ecosystems of Korea and Germany (TERRECO WP 2-03)
    Tae Seok Ahn, Stefan Peiffer [Details]

  • Material processing at Haean Basin scale: The role of hyporheic exchange and the riparian zone in NO3 and DOC export from catchments (TERRECO WP 2-12)
    Svenja Bartsch, Christopher L. Shope, Jan Fleckenstein, Stefan Peiffer [Details]

  • Assessing water yield and water quality in complex terrain at small catchment and regional scales (TERRECO WP 2-14)
    Christopher L. Shope, Jan Fleckenstein, Stefan Peiffer [Details]

  • Analysis and modeling of flow systems in soils under different topographic and land use conditions (TERRECO WP 2-10)
    Marianne Ruidisch, Camila Gaviria, Bernd Huwe, Stefan Peiffer, John Tenhunen [Details]