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Nguyen, T: The determinants and operational outcomes of farm land sales in Vietnam. In: Doppler, W. and Bauer, S. (eds) Farming & Rural Systems Econimics, Issues and Challenges in Rural Development: Compendium of Approaches for Socio-Economic and Ecological Development in Developing Countries, Vol. IV, , 127, 31-45 (2011)

Farm land is central to the rural economy in many developing countries as it is one of the most important factors of agricultural production. Well-functioning land markets can significantly contribute to rural development. However, in a number of situations land markets may not bring the ownership distribution of land closer to the optimum and may lower land productivity. Additionally, due to the imperfection in other factor markets, land markets may enhance inequality in landholding among land users.  Fear of such operational outcomes has led a number of countries to impose restrictions on the operation of land markets. This paper examines the determinants of land sales (both land sale and land purchase) at farm household level and provides insights on their operational outcomes with a case study in the Northern Uplands of Vietnam. A panel data set of farm households surveyed before and after the land reform was used for the analysis with the application of the Econometric Random Effect Tobit Model. The findings show the effects of different factors on land sales of farmers and justify the promotion of land sales operation, leading to a number of proposed relevant policy implications.

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