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BayCEER Jubilee Workshop 2024

October 10-11, 2024, Campus University of Bayreuth, Building NW III

Eröffnung BayCEER 2004

In 2004 the Bayreuth Center for Ecology and Environmental Research was officially founded (see article June 2004 / Nordbayerischer Kurier). We want to celebrate this together with BayCEER Alumni at this year's workhop.



In the annual BayCEER workshop all disciplines working in Ecology & the Environmental Sciences at the University of Bayreuth come together to exchange perspectives and ideas and foster networking between working groups. All chairs and researchers active in this field are invited to present their work:

  • BayCEER members – postdoctoral research fellows and professors – are very welcome to share their experience. For newcomers at the UBT the workshop is an excellent opportunity to get to know the diversity of  environmental research at the UBT and to present their field of expertise to the community. External members are invited to catch up on research developments in Bayreuth, and vice versa.

  • For PhD students as well as Master students finishing up their thesis, a talk or poster at the BayCEER Workshop is a great opportunity to present their work in a comprehensible and convincing way. The interdisciplinary exchange of information provides a wealth of new ideas for your own research.
    A best talk and poster award is announced for students.

  • In 2024 we also invite BayCEER Alumni who were active in research at the BayCEER in the last 20 years and want to take the opportunity to visit former colleagues and get to know today´s members of the  BayCEER community.

Check out our last year's BayCEER Workshop 2023 to get an idea on previous talks, posters and winners. Or find out more about the BayCEER Workshop history 2008-2020.



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