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The annual BayCEER Workshop


In the annual BayCEER workshop all disciplines working in Ecology & the Environmental Sciences at the University of Bayreuth come together to exchange perspectives and ideas and foster networking and collaboration between working groups. All chairs and researchers active in this field are invited to present their work.
The workshop takes place every year on the Thursday before the start of the lecture period in October. It also serves Master students having newly arrived in Bayreuth to get a first impression of the local research community.

Open Call

Check the dates on the BayCEER Website for an open Call for abstracts for the next workshop, and the status of planning and programme creation on the workshop website:
http://www.bayceer.uni-bayreuth.de/ws**** (**** = year, e.g. 2024).


While the goal of the BayCEER Workshop stayed the same over time, there is an evolution in the means to do so, the subjects presented as well as in website design, language, place and organizing teams. Follow the links to dig into research history at the BayCEER:

BayCEER Workshop 2023, 12 October, NW III

The BayCEER Workshop 2023 with 120 participants and 45 contributions and a photo contest for the first time managed not to miss the opportunity to also take a photo of the conference group.

BayCEER Workshop 2022, 13 October, NW III

At the time of the BayCEER Workshop 2022 the pandemic was entering into the endemic status, with lots of scientific events taking place again. At the NW III, 130 registered delegates presented 12 talks and 11 poster presentations in two sessions.

BayCEER Workshop 2021, 14 October, NW III

On the BayCEER Workshop 2021 over 140 participants presented a record-breaking number of 26 talks - between 6 and 15 minutes of length - and 14 poster presentations in four sessions. The BayCEER community was happy to meet back in person, although with a strict check in procedure and masks.

BayCEER Workshop 2020, Online

The BayCEER Workshop 2020 took place in an online-only format due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, we still counted over 130 registered delegates that presented 11 oral and 16 poster presentations and participated in the different Zoom sessions.

BayCEER Workshop 2019, 10 October, NW III 

The BayCEER Workshop 2019 counted over 130 participants, offered an interesting invited keynote by Christian Wirth and was also used as platform for celebrating the 15th anniversary of BayCEER, which was officially founded in June 2004.

BayCEER Workshop 2018, 11 October, NW IIIEinklappen

The 10th anniversary of format at the BayCEER Workshop 2018 was celebrated by over 100 participants from 22 disciplines and many new students form the study programs Geoecology M.Sc., Global Change Ecology M.Sc. and Environmental Chemistry M.Sc.

BayCEER Workshop 2017, 12 October, NW IIIEinklappen

The BayCEER Workshop 2017 counted over 100 participants from 22 disciplines. The topical sessions put a focus on ecosystem services as well as rhizosphere interactions, and in the keynote Steven Higgins suggested ecosystem assembly as a mission for terrestrial earth system science.

BayCEER Workshop 2016, 13 October, NW IIIEinklappen

At the BayCEER Workshop 2016 with around 100 participants and 50 contributions the "BayCEER Early Career Research Recognition" for outstanding achievements in PhD research in Ecology and Environmental Sciences was introduced.

BayCEER Workshop 2015, 8 October, NW IIIEinklappen

The BayCEER Workshop 2015 with 47 participants and 22 contributions experimented with the format of interdisciplinary "round table" discussions on different subjects.

BayCEER Workshop 2014, 2 October, NW IIIEinklappen

The BayCEER Workshop 2014 with 85 participants and 38 contributions was for the first time organized by a group of postdocs in the new building NW III, which is giving the workshop a home since then.

BayCEER Workshop 2013, 10 October, GEOEinklappen

The BayCEER Workshop 2013 was the last one to take place in the GEO building with 67 participants and 40 contributions, with the topic "Tracing the life of research ideas" and including a panel discussion. English from now on is the only workshop language.

BayCEER Workshop 2012, 11 October, GEOEinklappen

The BayCEER Workshop 2012 with 67 participants and 37 contributions for the first time took place in October in the GEO building, with a photo contest resulting in the calendar "Blitzlicht Forschung".

BayCEER Workshop 2010, 15 April, NW IEinklappen

The BayCEER Workshop 2010 was held in springtime at the NW I building with 59 particpants and 42 contributions in English and German, including the first course on presentation skills for PhD and Master students.

BayCEER Workshop 2009, 2 April, GEOEinklappen

The BayCEER Workshop 2009 with 90 participants and 51 contributions in the GEO building included a discussion on opportunities and challenges of Graduate Schools, as the BayNAT Graduate School was evolving.

BayCEER Workshop 2008, 10 April, NW IEinklappen

The first BayCEER Workshop 2008 with 100 participants and 52 contributions in the NW I was initially planned for two days and realized as a one-day workshop, including an evaluation on what participants expect from the new format.

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