BayCEER Workshop 2016

October 13, 2016, 9:00-17:00
Campus University of Bayreuth, Building NW III


Tapping the barrel

At the 8th BayCEER Workshop around 100 participants from over 20 disciplines presented their work in 24 talks and 26 poster presentations during a varied day program.
More pictures are collected in the internal workshop website.

The organizers want to thank
all participants
for their engagement!


BayCEER Workshop Award winners for posters...

  1. Postersession

    Andrea Früh-Müller, Lutz Breuer, Thomas Koellner and Volkmar Wolters for their poster:
    P 4.3 Spatial mismatch between ecological deficits and agri-environmental subsidies across Germany

  2. Philipp Giesemann and Gerhard Gebauer for their poster:
    P 6.7
    Hidden robbery: A new approach (δ2H) discloses organic nutrient-gain effectiveness of C3-hemiparasites from C3-host plants.

  3. Jan Kupp, Luisa Pianezzola, Giulia Zuecco, Daniele Penna and Luisa Hopp for their poster:
    P 3.3 
    Run-off response to spring snowmelt of an alpine catchment in the Italian Dolomites

...and talks

  1. Lecture Room

    Christine Heuck and Marie Spohn for her talk:
    O 6.1 Carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus net mineralization in organic layers of temperate forests: Stoichiometry and relations to organic matter quality

  2. Iwona Dembicz, Ivan I. Moysiyenko, Anastasia Shaposhnikova, Denys Vynokurov, Łukasz Kozub, Barbara Sudnik-Wójcikowska, Jürgen Dengler for her talk:
    O 2.2 Species richness patterns of vascular plants within steppe islands: a case study of kurgans in southern Ukraine 

    AND (with same score):
    Manuel J. Mayr, Sophia Malß, Hanna Joß, Elisabeth Ofner, Cyrus Samimi for his talk:
    O 6.3 From toys to tools: assessing vegetation structural parameters and potential disturbance impacts using an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)

The awards for best poster and oral presentations on the BayCEER Workshop are reserved for junior scientists.


Winners of the BayCEER Bridge Builder Prize...

Im Foyer by the Alumni association BcG Alumni e.V. and valueing Master students´ efforts when working at the interface between different scientific disciplines, research and practice, or different countries and cultures:

  • - Gold -
    Anita Weißflog, Plant Ecology, presenting her work in:
    B 3 Contrasting patterns of insect herbivory and predation pressure across a rainfall gradient

  • - Silver -
    Maria Hänsel, Ecological Services, presenting her work in:
    B 2 Emerging erosion risk in South-West Ethiopia: Farmers’ preparedness and soil conservation strategies
    Im Foyer 2
  • - Bronze -
    Pina Brinker, Animal Ecology, presenting her work in:
    B 1 Distribution and colony fragmentation of the invasive ant Anoplolepis gracilipes on La Réunion


The BayCEER Early Career Research Recognition...

...honored the outstanding achievements in PhD research in Ecology and Environmental Science of newly graduated Postdoctoral scientists, graded with „Summa cum laude“ during the last year:
Im Foyer 3

  • Dr. Oliver Schmidt, Ecological Microbiology, presenting his work in:
    D 1.7 Syntrophic Microbial Consortia in Peat: Teamwork at the thermodynamic limit of live

  • Dr. Andreas Schweiger, Biogeography, presenting his work in:
    D 1.8 Springs as models to unveil ecological drivers and responses: Perspectives for ecosystem theory from neglected ecosystems

    AS WELL AS (not present at the workshop)

  • Dr. Julian Wittmer, Atmospheric Chemistry
    Photochemical Activation of Chlorine and Bromine from Iron-doped Saline Media
    Im Foyer 4
  • Dr. Sindy Hunger, Ecological Microbiology
    Functional Redundancy of Anaerobes in Methanogenic Food Webs




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