3 Open Poster Session

There are two slots for the Open Poster Session - one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

Posters can be announced in a one minute "lightning talk"  before the start of the Morning Poster Coffee.



P 3.1 David Kienle, Severin D.H. Irl, Dagmar M. Hanz, Manuel J. Steinbauer, Carl Beierkuhnlein
Paradise lost? Precipitation changes in oceanic island ecosystems
P 3.2 Bernd Berauer, Björn Reu, Anna Kühnel, Peter Wilfahrt, Max Schuchardt, Andreas Heßberg, Anke Jentsch
How to adapt land-use regimes of montane grasslands with ongoing climate change?
P 3.3 Davi Jamelli, Marcelo Tabarelli
The influence of socio-ecological variables on Caatinga vegetation cover and provision of ecosystem services
P 3.4 Thomas Schmitt, Andrea Kaim, Andrea Früh-Müller, Thomas Koellner
The multiple values of (sub-) alpine grassland ecosystem services: a ‘valuescape’ to investigate land-use decisions
P 3.5 Claudia Steinacker, Carl Beierkuhnlein, Anja Jaeschke
Assessing future climatic suitability of Bavarian Natura 2000 sites for the conservation of EU forest habitat types
P 3.6 L. Marie Ende, Marianne Lauerer
Future biogas deliverer or risky invader? – Spontaneous colonisation of Silphium perfoliatum in the Bayreuth region
P 3.7 Cynthia Minnich, Derek Persoh, Christian Poll, Werner Borken
Impact of deadwood on chemical and microbial soil parameters: A multifactorial experiment with logs of 13 tree species in 30 forests
P 3.8 Andrea Spirkaneder, Luisa Hopp, Stefan Peiffer
Characterization of the nitrate pollution of groundwater across Bavaria – spatial patterns, temporal development and nitrate removal capacity
P 3.9 Felix Beulig, Hans Røy, Sean McGlynn, Bo Barker Jørgensen
Cryptic CH4 cycling in the sulfate-methane transition of marine sediments
P 3.10 Robin Kaule, Benjamin Gilfedder
Rust as a proxy for oxygen concentrations and distribution in the hyporheic zone
P 3.11 Anna Walentowitz, Severin D.H. Irl, Aurelio Jesús Acevedo Rodríguez, Ángel Palomares-Martínez, Vanessa Vetter, Barbara Zennaro, Félix M. Medina, Carl Beierkuhnlein
Impacts of the invasive grass species Pennisetum setaceum on plant diversity patterns on La Palma (Canary Islands)
P 3.12 Corinna Sachs, Dheeraj Kanaparthi, Tillmann Lueders
Long-distance electron transfer in upright flooded column incubations from terrestrial sediment samples
P 3.13 Lisa Hennig, Sven Frei
Prognosis and analysis of dissolved organic carbon export in the context of local climate change
P 3.14 Katharina Blaurock, Luisa Hopp, Ben Gilfedder, Jan Fleckenstein, Stefan Peiffer
DOC quality parameters suggest source changes during precipitation events in a small forested catchment in the Bavarian Forest National Park
P 3.15 Jiajia Wang, Carolin Kerl, Shuai Zhang, Maria Martin, Daniel Said-Pullicino, Marco Romani, Britta Planer-Friedrich*
Can Sulfate Help Safe Rice Production?
P 3.16 Khishigdelger Enkhtur, Boldgiv Bazartseren, Martin Pfeiffer
Contribution to the knowledge on the pattern of species richness and distribution of Mongolian geometrid moths
IP 3.17 Jan-Christopher Fischer, Martin Baur, Carl Beierkuhnlein
Global terrestrial biome classifications – overview, comparison and perspectives

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