Excursion to Western Kenya, Feb 9 to 24, 2014

Students of Bayreuth University, Module SWP2 Master Program in Biodiversity and Ecology

Subject: Interdisciplinary Study of Ecological Interactions




February 9 – leaving Bayreuth 8:30 a.m. to Nürnberg Airport

February 10 – arrival in Nairobi 3:25 a.m., drive to Lake Magadi, overnight at Olorgesaillie

February 11 – visit to Olorgesaillie archeological site, National Museum, overnight in Kitengela

February 12 – travel to Nakuru, set-up camp at Kiva Resort

February 13 – visit to Naivasha National Park, Hell's Gate, return to Kiva Resort

February 14 – visit to Nakuru National Park, return to Kiva Resort

February 15 – drive to Lambwe Valley, overnight at Toffee Lodge camp site

February 16 – sapflow studies, anthropo-systems at Lambwe Valley, overnight at Toffee Lodge

February 17 – biology of Ruma Nat’l Park, vegetation of savanna, overnight at Toffee Lodge

February 18 – visit to Rusinga Island, 17:00 Victoria Lake ferry and travel to Maseno Club

February 19 – CREATE workshop at Maseno University Botanical Garden, Maseno Club

February 20 – day trip to Kakamega forest, Maseno Club

February 21 – Kisumu Museum, Impala Sanctuary, Maseno Club

February 22 - return to Kiva Resort, visit to Menengai Crater, Hyrax Museum – bungalow lodging

February 23 - return to Nairobi, short night at Sandlewood Hotel

February 24 – return to Germany, departure 4:45 a.m., arrival in NUE 17:40 February 25


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