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Potentielle Auswirkungen von Klimaänderungen auf Bodenwasserhaushalt und Trockenstress-Risiko alpiner Bestände


Von 01/1997 bis 12/1998

Projektleiter: Egbert Matzner
Mitarbeiter: Bernhard Manderscheid
Bewilligung: BayForKlim Bayerischer Klimaforschungsverbund

Predictions on future climate revealed increasing drought stress for Middle European vegetation because of decreasing precipitation and increasing temperatures esp. in summer. The meteorologic conditions of southern Bavaria are somewhat unique in relation to other Central European areas and have to be considered when evaluating the specific situation of the German Alps. The aims of this project are thus: (1) Modelling of forest growth of Norway spruce stands in the Alps under different climatic conditions based on the relation between yxlem water potential and growth (2) Beside changes in temperature and precipitation, an increase of atmospheric CO2 is to be expected. This might cause an increased water use efficiency of the trees which might compensate the increased evaporational need. By coupling our soil water model to a physiologically based transpiration model we will be able to include different water use efficiencies in our szenarios. (3) The assesment of drought stress susceptability derived from single stands will be extrapolated to larger areas of the German Alps based on soil survey data. The identification of high risk areas will be useful for forest management in the future.

Publikationsliste dieses Projekts

Alewell, C; Manderscheid, B: Use of objective criteria for the assessment of biogeochemical ecosystem models, Ecological Modelling, 107, 213-224 (1998) -- Details
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