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Macroecology and Biogeography meeting

May 3rd to 6th 2023 - Universität Bayreuth

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Influence of intensified glacier melt on downstream vegetation patterns in Langtang Valley, Nepal

Samip Narayan Shrestha1, Frank Weiser2, Carl Beierkuhnlein3
1 Department of Biogeography, University of Bayreuth
2 Department of Biogeography, University of Bayreuth
3 Department of Biogeography, University of Bayreuth; BayCEER (Bayreuth); Geography Department Bayreuth

P 2.9 in Poster Session Friday (14:45-15:30)

The Hindu Kush Himalaya region is rich in biodiversity due to its large altitude gradient and climate variability. Climate warming is a new driver threatening the region which is most poignant in the acceleration of glacier retreat and loss. Glacier shrinkage has  effects on the hydrological cycle with an increase in glacier fed river runoff. In this research, we try to find if an increase in glacier loss can be correlated with a change in vegetation class. A supervised vegetation classification is used on a satellite data time series using data obtained from an ecological classification conducted by the Goverment of Nepal in 2002. Glacier loss data from World glacier monitoring service will be used. We expect there to be a change in vegetation classes in correlation to glacier melt closer to the glacier and a change in vegation class in correlation to other factors (precipitation) further away from the glacier in line with the hydrological system.

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