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Macroecology and Biogeography meeting

May 3rd to 6th 2023 - Universität Bayreuth

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2 Poster Session Friday (14:45-15:30)


P 2.1 Diana Miriam Pineda Fernández
Fragmentation in Mayan lowland rainforest.
P 2.2 Niels Preuk, Daniel Romero-Mujalli, Damaris Zurell, Jürgen Kreyling
Application of null models to evaluate the incorporation of intraspecific variation in ecological niche models for European beech (Fagus sylvatica L.)
P 2.3 Carl Reddin, Martin Aberhan, Nussaibah Raja, Adam Kocsis
Global warming generates predictable extinction patterns of marine benthic invertebrates following a simple model of habitat loss
P 2.4 Jonathan Ruhm
Two sides of the same desert
P 2.5 Louis-Marvin Sander, Carl Beierkuhnlein, Anna Walentowitz
Muntjacs invading Germany – Potential distribution of the small Deer (Cervidae) species Reeves' Muntjac (Muntiacus reevesi) in Germany
P 2.6 Veronika Schlosser, Frank Weiser, Carl Beierkuhnlein
Assessing Biodiversity based on the Spectral Variation Hypothesis at a Natura 2000 site
P 2.7 Clarissa Schmelzle, Carl Beierkuhnlein, Mirela Beloiu
Forest edge influence on tree sapling drought damage in Northern Bavaria
P 2.8 Christopher Shatto, Frank Weiser, Anke Jentsch, Peter Wolff, Leonardos Leonardos, Carl Beierkuhnlein
Assessing the role of fire history in the resilience of Pinus canariensis stands to disturbance ​
P 2.9 Samip Narayan Shrestha, Frank Weiser, Carl Beierkuhnlein
Influence of intensified glacier melt on downstream vegetation patterns in Langtang Valley, Nepal
P 2.10 Daria Svidzinska, Miguel D. Mahecha, Teja Kattenborn, Karin Mora, Guido Kraemer, Hannes Feilhauer, Christian Wirth
Exploring patterns of global vascular plants occurrence data with nonlinear dimensionality reduction
P 2.11 Maria Umlauf, Stephanie Thomas, Ellen Kiel, Carl Beierkuhnlein
The importance of habitat structure and environmental variables for the distribution, abundance, and composition of mosquito larvae within the Donaumoos, Bavaria
P 2.12 Hannah Pepe, Alexandra Lawrence, Carl Beierkuhnlein
Protected area suitability for wolf reproduction during the comeback of wolves in Germany
P 2.13 Anna Walentowitz, Bernd Lenzner, Franz Essl, Carl Beierkuhnlein, Manuel Steinbauer, Sandra Nogué
Palaeoecological perspective on non-native vegetation on islands globally
P 2.14 Frank Weiser, Anna Walentowitz, Christopher Shatto, Carl Beierkuhnlein
The impact of volcanic ash desposition and Sulphur emission of the 2021 Tajogaite eruption on the Canary Pine forests on La Palma.
P 2.15 Vincent Wilkens, Anna Walentowitz, Sebastian Teichert, Carl Beierkuhnlein
Investigating the Evolution of Functional Diversity in Trees During Cenozoic Climate Change
P 2.16 Luca Thomas, Samuel Hoffmann, Carl Beierkuhnlein
Analyzing anthropogenic influence on the German marine protected areas (MPA)
P 2.17 Carl Beierkuhnlein, Manuel Nogales, Richard Field, Ole R. Vetaas, Anna Walentowitz, Frank Weiser, Reinhold Stahlmann, María Guerrero-Campos, Anke Jentsch, Félix M. Medina, Alessandro Chiarucci
Volcanic ash as a selective drivers of woodiness on oceanic islands
P 2.18 Anke Jentsch, Andreas von Heßberg, Mani Shresta
Fragmentary blue – the paradox in flower colors in arctic and alpine ecosystems.
P 2.19 Lorenzo Ricci, Michele Di Musciano, Piero Zannini, Anna Rita Frattaroli, Alessandro Chiarucci, Roberto Cazzolla Gatti, Francesco Maria Sabatini, Carl Beierkuhnlein, Anna Walentowitz, Alexandra Lawrence, Samuel Hoffmann
Higher species diversity inside than outside protected areas in the European Union
P 2.20 Maira Cardoso, Ana Maria Urrutia, Kevin Frac, Christian Hof, Holger Kreft, Katrin Böhning-Gaese, Susanne Fritz
Do human impacts explain the number of birds threatened species on islands?
P 2.21 Gemma Louise Benevento, Niels Meijer, Julia Brugger, Andreas Mulch, Thomas Hickler, Susanne Fritz
Middle Eocene aridification drove changes in Asian mammal faunas prior to the Eocene–Oligocene Transition
P 2.22 Helge Jentsch, Johannes Weidinger, Maria Bobrowski
User-friendly WorldClim and CHELSA download and pre-processing with R-package ClimDatDownloadR
P 2.23 Saneesh Soman, Anjaneyulu Paradesi, Anil Kumar Midigesi, Himani Sharma, Ravi Prasad Boyina, Emma Ladouceur, Tiffany Knight
Interactive effects of grass removal and fire exclusion on ecosystem services
P 2.24 Jan Hackel
Grasses and grasslands in Madagascar
P 2.25 Abdullah Abdullah, Shujaul Mulk Khan, Anders Sánchez Barfod, Henrik Balslev, Muhammad Abdullah
Climate drives leaf anatomical traits variation in Nannorrhops ritchieana (Griff) Aitch across different phytogeographic regions of Pakistan
P 2.26 Qi Lai, Samuel Hoffmann, Anja Jaeschke, Carl Beierkuhnlein
Emerging spatial prioritization for biodiversity conservation indicated by climate change velocity

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