Examination Regulations

The EXAMINATION REGULATIONS is the legally binding document that regulates your study programme. For any legal issues the valid version is the German version only (Prüfungs-und Studienordnung (15.07.2016) with its updates 1. Änderungssatzung 10.04.2017 and 2. Änderungssatzung 20.11.2019; aktuelle konsolidierte Fassung (20.11.2019)).

The English consolidated version (Examination&StudyRegulations is provided for your convenience only, not legally binding.

The following information is included:

§1 Purpose of the master's examination
§2 Admission to the programme; qualification
§3 Structure of full-time and part-time study and the master's examination; standard period of study
§4 Board of examiners
§5 Examiners and co-examiners
§6 Disqualification due to personal involvement; confidentiality
§7 Admission to the examinations
§8 Awarding credit transfers
§9 Times for holding examinations; announcing examination times and examiners
§10 Elements of the examination
§11 Form of examinations
§12 Master's thesis
§13 Credit point system
§14 Consideration of extenuating life circumstances
§15 Consideration of the special needs of disabled persons
§16 Grading of examinations
§17 Final grade
§18 Passing the master's examination
§19 Repeating a module examination or the master's thesis
§20 Notice of failing the master's examination
§21 Access to examination documents
§22 Defects in the examination proceedings
§23 Absence, withdrawal, cheating & policy violation
§24 Invalidating the master's examination
§25 Awarding the master's degree; diploma
§26 Academic advising
§27 Effective date

Annex 1:          Modules, Credit Points, and Examinations
Annex 2:          Aptitude assessment process


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