Frequently Asked Questions


Q:           Can you please send me general information about the program?

A:           Please check out our webpage where you will find all necessary information, including information about entry requirements, the assessment process, as well as the online application portal.


Q:           How much do I have to pay for this program?

A:           At Bayreuth University, all programmes are for free, financially covered by the German Government. You will not have to pay any tuition fees and you can attend as many courses as you want, once you are admitted. This also applies for foreign students.

All students will have to pay a small admission fee per semester (about 110 € in 2020) which also includes your local public transport ticket, University Cafeteria discount, etc.  But you will need to cover your personal expenses (accomodation, living). If you need to apply for a visa, you will also need to show a blocked bank account with the money for 1 full year (€10,236 in 2020) from which you can withdraw €853 per month.


Q:           Are there any stipends for this program?

A:           No, unfortunately not. There is a chance of applying for some funding after your 2nd semester, but chances are really slim.


Q:           Can I join the program without going through the assessment process?

A:           No, all applicants will be assessed.


Q:           Can I send my application by email or mail?

A:           No, we only accept applications through our online portal which is open from March, 15th, to June, 15th, each year. Outside these times, we do not accept any applications.


Q:           If I attach to an email my CV, transcript of records, etc. could you please give me a pre-evaluation of my chances in getting admitted?   

A:           No, sorry, we can not do any pre-evaluation based on email correspondence. Please check out carefully the entry requirements listed at our webpage as well as the assessment procedure. If you think you fulfill all requirements and would like to be admitted to our program, please submit all required documents exclusively through our online portal. Email attachments will not be considered for evaluation.


Q:           I have already completed a previous master degree. Can I do another master (MSc Environmental Chemistry)?

A:           Yes, you can. If you personally think a second master is helpful for you, there are no official reasons against that decision.


Q:           My grade is worse than 2.5 on the German grading scale. Can I still be admitted?

A:           No, unfortunately not. A grade better than 2.5 is a pre-requirement to be considered in the assessment process. This is why the grade check is the first page in our online application portal. If you do not have a grade better than 2.5 you will not get to the next steps of application. Entering a wrong grade will not help because we double-check all your grades in your transcript of records and correct the entered numbers if necessary.


Q:           My bachelor´s grade is worse than 2.5 on the German grading scale, but my master´s grade is better. Can you consider the master´s grade?

A:           Yes, we will consider the latest grade you achieved in the program relevant for our master.


Q:           I studied chemistry / industrial chemistry / engineering chemistry and do not have 20 ECTS in environmental sciences. Can I still apply?

A:           No, unfortunately not. At least 20 ECTS in environmental sciences is a pre-requirement for admission. Environmental Sciences means e.g. hydrology, geology, soil science, etc. If you have some environmental sciences knowledge documented e.g. by a thesis in a related subject and aquire enough points during our assessment due to exceptional performance in all other areas there might be the possibility of conditional enrolment (meaning you will have to complete the 20 ECTS in environmental sciences in parallel to your master until the end of your second semester; however this is a lot of workload and really only granted in very exceptional cases). Please point out explicitely in your motivation letter why we should consider your application even though you do not have enough ECTS in environmental sciences.


Q:           I have more than 20 ECTS in chemistry and biology, but not done anything in physics. Can I still apply?

A:           Yes, while we appreciate a diverse and broad general understanding in natural sciences, you application will not be discarded because of a lack in physics.


Q:           I have done my previous studies / bachelor thesis in English. Do I still need to submit an additional proof of language proficiency?

A:           No, having studied in English before or having completed a thesis in English is sufficient proof for us for language proficiency.


Q:           Do I need to speak German to attend this program?

A:           No, all courses are taught in English. However, the German Ministry requires foreign students to at least have basic German knowledge for daily life when studying in Germany. This means an A1.1 level language certificate. You can either do that before starting your MSc or at the latest you will have to have this completed at the end of your 2nd semester.


Q:           My bachelor certificate is in German - do I have to translate it?

A:           We do accept certificates, transcript records, and other official documents both in English and in German, but please note that at least your motivation letter and CV have to be in English.


Q:           I have applied through the online portal. Do I need to send any officially certified documents by email or mail?

A:           No, for the evaluation we do not need certified documents. You will only need to show these documents once you enrol here in Bayreuth.


Q:           I have applied through the online portal. Could you please process my documents immediately?

A:           We know that a quick decision is important because of funding and visa issues. The deadline for this program is therefore June, 15th (not July, 15th, as it typically is in Germany). We also try to assess as many applications as possible already before the deadline, but we only do interviews in the week after the application deadline. So, unless it is a very strong and clear case of direct admission and we have the capacities for timely evaluation, you will typically only receive our answer after June, 15th. However, we try for everyone (including those that have to do an interview) to get their final decision at the latest by the end of June.


Q:           Regarding the current situation with CORONA virus, will the assessment and enrolment proceed as planned?

A:           Like for anyone else in the World it is impossible for us to currently estimate the extent of this crisis. For the moment, we assume that all assessment, the later enrolment, and the start of the winter semester in October will proceed as planned. We will keep you updated on any changes.


 Q:          When do the courses start?

A:           Winter semester typically starts mid of October (the exact date will be in your admission letter). However, there is an obligatory orientation week for all students of the Environmental Chemistry Master Programme which will take place the week before.


Q:           Where do I find the lecture halls and the programme Coordinator?

A:           You can find a list of all lecture halls and their location at the Bayreuth University webpage. Most of your courses will be in the Geo II building (seminar rooms and lecture halls) or the adjacent Geo I (laboratories). Prof. Planer-Friedrich, your Programme Coordinator, has her office in the Geo III building.


Q:           If my Bachelor degree certificate is not available yet and I apply with my transcript of records, is a certified English translation required?

A:           For the online application, we need to have all documents either in English or German, but we do not need official certifications for the assessment process itself. You will need to show the originals or certified documents upon enrolment at our University if you are admitted.


Q:          I would like to visit Bayreuth and the University and have a closer look to the study program and to the campus. Are there any open-days planned for this master or for the University in general?

A: The Campus is always open for visits, so we invite you to come take a look at one of the “most beautiful Campus in Germany” if you like. With previous arrangement you can attend some of the Master programme lectures if you visit us during the lecture period. Please contact the program coordinator, Prof. Dr. Britta Planer-Friedrich, for arrangements.