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Quantification and process distinction of biogenic trace gas fluxes

DFG FOR 562 TP 3

From 04/2005 to 01/2009

Principal Investigator: Gerhard Gebauer, Werner Borken
Staff: Stefanie Goldberg, Jan Muhr, Klaus-Holger Knorr
Grant: FOR 562 Dynamics of soil processes under extreme meteorological boundary conditions

The trace gases CO2, CH4, N2O and NOx are formed or consumed in soils mainly by biogenic processes. They exchange with the atmosphere through the soil surface or vegetation. Each of the trace gases can originate from two different processes (CO2: microbial and root respiration; CH4: acetate fermentation and CO2 reduction; N2O and NOx: denitrification and nitrification). Soil temperature and water content are important driving factors for the amount of gas fluxes and the contribution of each of these processes. We expect peaks of the trace gas fluxes attributed to extreme changes of meteorological conditions. This project investigates the dynamic of the trace gas fluxes and the underlying processes after experimental drying/rewetting and freeze/thaw events in two ecosystem types (spruce forest and peat bog) and under laboratory conditions. Isotope abundance analyses of the trace gases and their precursors are used for the source and potentially sink process identification. Identification of underlying processes is essential for improved models of trace gas fluxes.

List of publications of this Project

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Goldberg, S; Gebauer, G: Drought turns a Central European Norway spruce forest from an N2O source to a transient N2O sink, Global Change Biology, 15, 850-860 (2009), doi:10.1111/j.1365-2486.2008.01752.x -- Details
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