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Disturbance Ecology

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Teaching Courses

We offer lectures, seminars, method courses and scientific field trips to the following study program:

 (see also CAMPUSonline, e-Learning)


  • Geoecology (Master of Science)
  • Global Change Ecology (Master of Science)
  • Environmental Geography (Master of Science)
  • Biodiversity and Ecology (Master of Science)
  • Geoökologie (Bachelor of Science)
  • Geographie - Landschaftsökologie (Bachelor of Science)
  • African Development Studies in Geography (Bachelor of Arts)


Winter Semester:

  • Disturbance Ecology (Lecture)
  • Puls Dynamics & Resilience (Seminar)
  • Natural Risks and Hazards (Lecture)
  • Research Frontiers in Disturbance Ecology (Seminar)
  • Scientific Writing (Seminar)
  • Journal Club (Seminar)

Summer Semester:

  • Vegetation Science (Lecture)
  • Methods in Vegetation Science (Field course in the Alps)
  • Experimental Ecology (Field course in Bayreuth)
  • International Science School (Field course on the Canary Islands)
  • Standortkundliche Geländemethoden (Field course in the Fränkische Schweiz)
  • Botanische Bestimmungsübungen (Field course)
  • Research Frontiers in Disturbance Ecology (Research course/Seminar)
  • Scientific Writing (Seminar)
  • Journal Club (Seminar)
  • Projektseminar Landschaftsökologie (Field course/ Seminar)
  • Biodiversität und Ökosystemfunktionen (Field course/Übung)



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