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Jürgen Kreyling: Curriculum Vitae

Jürgen Kreyling: Curriculum Vitae

Date and place of birth: 6th February 1978, Marburg, Germany
Nationality: German


Academic positions:

since 04/2008: Assistant Professor, research and teaching (Akademischer Rat auf Zeit, since 04/2012 Akad. Oberrat) at the department of Biogeography, University of Bayreuth, Germany

11/2007 – 04/2008: Research Assistant at the department of Biogeography, University of Bayreuth, Germany

11/2004 – 10/2007: Research Assistant at the department of Conservation Biology, UFZ-Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research in Leipzig, Germany



Habilitation: 01/2012
Subject: Geo-Ecology
Titel of the habilitation thesis: "Impacts of winter climate change on vegetation performance"

PhD: 04/2008
Degree Dr. rer. nat. („summa cum laude“)
Titel of the dissertation: Response of Vegetation to Extreme Weather Events

Master: 04/2004
Degree: Dipl. Geoökologe (finished with distinction)
Title of Diploma Thesis: Biodiversity of Ground Vegetation and Regeneration on Clearcuts in the Monashee Mts, BC, Canada

Study Program
1998 - 2004: Study Program „Geoökologie“, University of Bayreuth with focus on Biogeography and Soil Sciences.

Further training:

03/2011: Certificate "Hochschullehre Bayern" (teaching in higher education) at the Fortbildungszentrum Hochschullehre der Universitäten Bamberg, Bayreuth, Erlangen-Nürnberg und Würzburg (124 work units (45 min. each) concerning teaching concepts, presentations, communication, oral and written exams, evaluation in teaching, and supervising students)

05-06/2002 and 03/2003: Ecosystem management in cultural landscapes, training course in Berchtesgaden (Germany), Ferrera (Spain) & Barcelona (Spanien) and training course in San Diego (USA)

Field trips to Venezuela (2001), Russia (2002), Austria (2002) and Mexico/ USA (2003)

Work experience abroad:

05-10/2001: University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA: Study and research project in Vegetation Science

07-09/2003: Field Work in Canada

06-11/2004: Field Work in Namibia (BIOTA, UFZ)

08/2010: SLU Umea, Sweden

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