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Disturbance Ecology

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Bernd BerauerDr.

Bernd Berauer

Postdoc & International Fellow

At Disturbance Ecology until 09/2021
e-Mail: Bernd.Berauer(at)uni-bayreuth.de, bernd.berauer(at)uni-hohenheim.de

Since June 2016 I am a PhD-student at the Department of Disturbance Ecology of the University of Bayreuth. My early scientific interest was related to forest ecosystems (B.Sc. at University of Hohenheim - "Allometric relationship between trunk diameter, height and above ground biomass of Entandrophragma excelsum in a lower montane forest at Kilimanjaro - a non-destructive method for a species specific model"; M.Sc. at University of Bayreuth - "Intraspecific variation of xylem vessel parameters across a tropical rainfall gradient - results for adults and saplings of six tree species"). My PhD (“Effects of climate warming tackeled by translocation experiments across elevational gradients”) is focused on community dynamics und passively simulated climate change regarding productivity, community composition and phenology and is mainly underpinned by the SUSALPS-project. In addition, my research activities include working in global coordinated experiments (NutNet, DroughtNet), climate change and extreme events experiments (SUSALPS, EVENT) and the "Bayreuth Phytometer". Besides research activities I am involved in teaching seminars and practicas such as "Experimental Ecology", "Natural Risks and Hazrads", "Resilience, Stability and Inertia" and "Geoecological Fieldmethods".

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