Studying in Bayreuth

Ecology and Environmental Sciences:
Studying in Bayreuth

Situated in scenic northern Bavaria, Bayreuth is an ideal location for studying ecology and environmental science. Ecology & Environmental Research has been a research priority at the University of Bayreuth since its founding in 1975. The town of Bayreuth is vibrant and varied, in large part thanks to the student population. The town is rich in culture and offers plenty of things to do in your spare time. The surrounding area boasts a diverse range of scenery to explore and charming restaurants to discover.

Overview of degree programmes:

Biology B.Sc.

Bio­logy B.Sc. (German): Biology is the science of life; it has an extremely broad range of research areas. The bachelor's programme offers the perfect opportunity to enter the exciting and far-reaching world of biology, from biochemical processes in microbes to the ecology of large mammals. A wide range of courses are offered; they revolve around the central areas of molecular biology and ecology.

Biodiversity M.Sc.

Bio­di­ver­sity und Eco­logy M.Sc. (German): Species and biotope conservation as well as decline in biodiversity have received more and more attention since the 1980s. The international master's programme Biodiversity & Ecology at the University of Bayreuth focuses on the origins, spread, ascertainment, and functional meaning of genetic populations, species, and ecosystems.

Geoecology M.Sc.

Geoecology B.Sc. and M.Sc. (German): Geo-Ecology is an environmental programme of study in the natural sciences in which the chemical, physical, and biological relationships between the living environment, air, water, soil, and rock are investigated and strategies for sustainability and environmental protection are developed. This programme of study was developed in Bayreuth and has a long tradition.

Studiengänge in Ökologie und Umweltforschung

Global Change Ecology M.Sc.: Global changes play a crucial role in political decisions in the 21st century. The international master's programme Global Change Ecology addresses these issues. The programme focuses on the natural sciences, however a strong link to the social sciences is also maintained.

Environmental Chemistry M.Sc.: International, interdisciplinary, and unique – these words best describe the new master’s programme Environmental Chemistry that will be taught entirely in English at the University of Bayreuth starting in Winter Semester 2016/17. It is geared towards bachelor's graduates who are interested in chemistry and environmental science and who would like to work in a global environment.

Environmental Geography M.Sc.

Environmental Geography M.Sc.: Environmental changes at any scale, from global to local, are of crucial importance to life on planet Earth. Physical geography is among the core disciplines addressing and examining these environmental changes. This English-taught master's programme is set to launch in Winter Semester 2016/17.

Molecular Ecology M.Sc.

Mole­cular Eco­logy M.Sc. (German): Plants, animals, and human beings are capable of adapting to environmental conditions on a molecular level. Investigating these mechanisms along with the interdependency between organisms at a molecular level is the focus of this modern, research-oriented master's programme.

Environmental Informatics B.Sc. und M.Sc. (German): The study of environmental informatics combines a basic education in computer science with functional perspectives from environmental and ecosystem research. The analysis and assessment of environmental and ecological systems is central to this field of application.


Minor in Environmental Law (German): This minor provides students with a solid foundation in public law as it relates to environmental issues, with a focus on the areas of conservation law, climate protection law, soil protection law, water policy, and anti-pollution law.

Schnittstellen andere Disziplinen

Related Disciplines (German): There are also other programmes of study at the University of Bayreuth that involve aspects of ecology and the environmental sciences in their curricula. These programmes include Food & Health Sciences (M.Sc.) and Sport, Business & Law (B.Sc./M.Sc.).

  • Armin Sigmund, Geoecology

    Armin Sigmund, Geoecology

    "The location of Bayreuth between Fichtelgebirge mountains and the Franconian Jura is a big plus of Bayreuth. Very close by there are marvellous places that for excursions and day trips."