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Bayreuth's Campus University

With around 235 professors teaching 13,500 students in 135 different programmes of study, one of the University of Bayreuth's major advantages is its convenient campus. Our natural science and engineering faculties operate right next door to our Faculty of Law, Business & Economics, Faculty of Languages and Literature, and Faculty Cultural Studies. This environment makes studying more pleasant and ensures students receive a well-rounded education.

Founded in 1975, our research-oriented university has earned itself a strong reputation and has developed a tight network of international partners and research cooperation. One-on-one supervision, high standards of excellence, research-led teaching, and interdisciplinary collaboration form the basis of the courses offered and regularly lead to top positions in the rankings.

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  • Andreas Schweiger, Master Biodiversität und Ökologie

    Andreas Schweiger, Master Biodiversität und Ökologie

    "With is numerous interdisciplinary Master programs like „Biodiversity and Ecology“ the University of Bayreuth provides excellent opportunities to study pressing ecological problems. The Ecological botanical Garden is a great place to be and to get in touch with numerous ecosystems covering our planet. Also the surrounding area of Bayreuth is a great place to be for everybody interested in nature."