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Geoökologie M.Sc.

Geoecology M.Sc.

After finishing the bachelor program in geoecology, students can opt for the Geoecology M.Sc. program. Students will choose a focus on Biogeochemisry, Environmental Physics or Landscape Ecology. However, they are free to add classes from the other foci as well as a number of classes from any other departments of the university in the first three semesters. Tis freedom of choice in classwork makes geoecology an exceptional program in Bayreuth.

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  • Anja Kleebaum, Geoecology and Environmental Informatics

    Anja Kleebaum, Geoecology and Environmental Informatics

    "Studying in Bayreuth means learning beyond one's own nose. the short ways on campus make it possible to check out the classes offered by other departments and the conditions and learning environment are excellent."