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Environmental Chemistry M.Sc.

Environmental Chemistry M.Sc.

Experts in the field of environmental chemistry are currently in high demand, and in view of ever-increasing industrialization and globalization, demand for such experts is expected to increase rapidly in the coming years. For this reason, environmental chemists have excellent job prospects all around the world.

“We recognized this trend and started laying the groundwork early for the launch of our new master’s programme ‘Environmental Chemistry’. It is held entirely in English, and it is geared towards graduates of bachelor’s programmes who are interested in chemistry and the environmental sciences and want to work internationally later on,” said Prof. Dr. Britta Planer-Friedrich, Professor of Environmental Geochemistry at the University of Bayreuth and programme advisor for the new degree programme. “In particular, we hope to attract a highly motivated, international group of young people to the University of Bayreuth to study environmental chemistry – young people who are from countries that are working hard to address environmental issues by examining causes and effects as well as those from countries that have not yet developed any solution approaches to counter their dramatic environmental problems,” said Prof. Planer-Friedrich.

The programme of study seeks to provide highly qualified students with the training they need to become experts and leaders in science, environmental protection, and political and financial consulting. On the basis of solid expertise, graduates must be able to discover new problems, analyse complex states of affairs, and develop flexible solution approaches.

In particular, international students from developing and emerging countries will enjoy excellent career prospects after graduation thanks to the growing pressure caused by industrialization and the corresponding demand for expertise in their home countries.

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  • Anja Kleebaum, Geoecology and Environmental Informatics

    Anja Kleebaum, Geoecology and Environmental Informatics

    "Studying in Bayreuth means learning beyond one's own nose. the short ways on campus make it possible to check out the classes offered by other departments and the conditions and learning environment are excellent."