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Environmental Geography M.Sc.

Environmental changes at any scale, from global to local, are of crucial importance to life on planet Earth. In addition to climate change, the major contemporary challenges include changes in biodiversity, soil degradation, and increases in mass movements. Often the dynamics of such environmental processes require an understanding of the spatial and temporal couplings between the atmosphere, biosphere, relief sphere, pedosphere, and hydrosphere. In addition, the interaction with human activities is of utmost importance. Physical geography – as an interdisciplinary field with a marked focus on the environment-society nexus – is among the core disciplines addressing and examining these environmental changes.

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  • Anja Kleebaum, Geoecology and Environmental Informatics

    Anja Kleebaum, Geoecology and Environmental Informatics

    "Studying in Bayreuth means learning beyond one's own nose. the short ways on campus make it possible to check out the classes offered by other departments and the conditions and learning environment are excellent."