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Central Student Services inform applicants and current students about the degree programs offered at the University of Bayreuth and offers help in all personal, social and organisational matters. Central Student Services also offer advice for high school students, aiming to provide excellent preparation for college.

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Master program Global Change Ecology M.Sc.

Master program Biodiversity and Ecology M.Sc.

Master program Molecular Ecology M.Sc.

Supplemental course Environmental Law

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Student representatives  Biology/Chemistry/Geo sciences (BCG)

  • Anna Kühnel, Geoecology

    Anna Kühnel, Geoecology

    "The environment of the university is simply amazing, be it the public pool next to campus, cutting through Hofgarten park on the way to the city or Franconian Switzerland where you can climb, hike or identify plants. And in the city, you can find lots of great ice cream parlors and determine your favorite pub."