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IRTG 1565 WP IV: TERRECO - Complex Terrain and Ecological Heterogeneity - Evaluating ecosystem services in production versus water yield and water quality in mountainous landscapes
Von 03/2009 bis 02/2012
Leiter: John Tenhunen, Sinkyu Kang
Geldgeber: Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft / Korea Science and Engineering Foundation (DFG / KOSEF)

Projekte dieser Bewilligung

TERRECO WP 4-01 Modeling the economic tradeoffs between agricultural production and environmental protection in Haean catchment
Mitarbeiter: Trung Thanh Nguyen, John Tenhunen, Mario Larch
TERRECO WP 4-02 Estimating the economic tradeoffs between agricultural production and water quality for Soyang watershed
Mitarbeiter: Saem Lee, Thomas Koellner
TERRECO WP 4-03 Assessment of landscape change and the valuation of forest products in Soyang Lake Watershed
TERRECO WP 4-04 The Impact of Socio-Economic Land Use Decisions on the Provision of Ecosystem Services in Small Catchments
Mitarbeiter: Patrick Poppenborg, Thomas Koellner
TERRECO WP 4-05 The political ecology of adaptation to climate change in South Korea
Mitarbeiter: Susann Trabert, Detlef Müller-Mahn
TERRECO WP 4-06 The spatial distribution of land use potentials and their implication for land use change and landuse policies in Korea
Mitarbeiter: Soo Jin Park

Letzte Änderung 13.11.2012