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IRTG 1565 WP I: TERRECO - Complex Terrain and Ecological Heterogeneity - Evaluating ecosystem services in production versus water yield and water quality in mountainous landscapes
From 03/2009 to 02/2012
Grant manager: John Tenhunen, Sinkyu Kang
Contact person:
Supporting organization: Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft / Korea Science and Engineering Foundation (DFG / KOSEF)

Projects in this grant

TERRECO WP 1-01 Evaluation of WRF 3.2 with observed climate data in Haean
Coworkers: Miloslav Belorid, Jea-Chul Kim, Chong Bum Lee
TERRECO WP 1-02 Spatial assessment of atmosphere-ecosystem exchanges via micrometeorological measurements, footprint modelling and mesoscale simulations
Coworkers: Peng Zhao, Johannes Lüers, Thomas Foken, John Tenhunen
TERRECO WP 1-03 Evaluation of landscape climate phenomena in the Haean Catchment
Coworkers: Bora Lee, Ralf Geyer, Gwangyong Choi, Sinkyu Kang, Christopher L. Shope, Johannes Lüers
TERRECO WP 1-05 Canopy conductance controls on water use by Korean forests
Coworkers: Eun-Young Jung, Minseok Kang, Junghoon Lee, Joon Kim, Hyojung Kwon, Dennis Ochuodho Otieno, John Tenhunen

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