Running Projects

DiMoC - Diversity components in mosquito-borne diseases in face of climate change03/2020-12/2023Ridwan A. Shittu, Carl Beierkuhnlein, Stephanie Thomas
Rhizosphere traits enhancing yield resilience to drought in modern cropping systems02/2020-01/2024Andreas Wild, Angelika Mergner, Johanna Pausch
SFB 1357 TPB01: Physikalisch-chemische Gesetzmäßigkeiten der Wechselwirkungen an und mit Mikroplastik-Partikeln in wässriger Lösung01/2020-12/2022Johanna Schmidtmann, Georg Papastavrou, Stefan Peiffer, Jürgen Senker
AQUAKLIF / Teilprojekt 7 / Implementierung und Öffentlichkeitsarbeit01/2020-12/2022Birgit Thies, Stefan Peiffer
SFB 1357 TPB02: Verhalten und Transport von Mikroplastik in der strömungsarmen Wassersäule10/2019-11/2022Hassan Elagami, Ben Gilfedder, Jan Fleckenstein, Martin Obst, Sven Frei
The ecological role of silicon in tropical forests: effects on plant nutrient stochiometry, drought resistance and herbivory09/2019-08/2022Marius Klotz, Bettina Engelbrecht, Jörg Schaller
Selenate reduction by sulfided zero iron09/2019-09/2021Bouchra Marouane, Stefan Peiffer
BMBF Bioeconomy International 2017: Challenges and chances associated with the detection of novel arsenic species in paddy soils for producing arsenic-safe rice07/2019-06/2022Alan Nicol, Britta Planer-Friedrich, Stephan Clemens
Demonstrationsprojekt Silphie-Anbau im Projektgebiet Nördliche Frankenalb05/2019-12/2023Reinhard Wesinger (GeoTeam), Marianne Lauerer, Johanna Pausch
E-SHAPE05/2019-04/2023Jan-Christopher Fischer, Frank Weiser, Carl Beierkuhnlein
P-TRAP / Teilprojekt 1 / Development of an on-site phosphorus retention technology03/2019-02/2023Stefan Peiffer, Thilo Behrends
P-TRAP / Teilprojekt 9 / Studying the effect of Fe addition to sediments on the sedimentary biogeochemical processes03/2019-02/2023Karel As, Stefan Peiffer, Thilo Behrends
AQUAKLIF / Teilprojekt 3 / Einfluss multipler Stressoren auf N, C und Fe Umsätze in der hyporheischen Zone02/2019-01/2022Carolin Hiller, Stefan Peiffer
Behaviour and transport of microplastic in Lakes01/2019-01/2023Ben Gilfedder, Martin Obst, Jan Fleckenstein
Behaviour and transport of microplastic in stream and groundwater systems01/2019-01/2023Sven Frei, Ben Gilfedder, Jan Fleckenstein
SFB1357: TPB03 Behavior of micro-plastic in fluvial systems01/2019-01/2022Taotao Lu, Jan-Pascal Boos, Sven Frei, Ben Gilfedder, Jan Fleckenstein
DFG Relevance and environmental fate of methylthiolated arsenates in geothermal waters12/2018-12/2022Britta Planer-Friedrich, Qinghai Guo
DeepEarthshape - Microbial element cycling as a driver of soil formation11/2018-12/2022Andrea Scheibe, Marie Spohn
AQUAKLIF TP5: Prognose und Analyse des Verhaltens kleiner Einzugsgebiete im Kontext des lokalen Klimawandels09/2018-09/2021Lisa Kaule, Usman Munir, Britta Aufgebauer, Sven Frei
Investigations on mycorrhizal associates and nutritional resources of mycoheterotrophic orchids in Taiwan09/2018-07/2023Franziska E. Zahn, Gerhard Gebauer
DFG Uptake, accumulation, and metabolic fate of thioarsenates in plants08/2018-10/2022Carolin Kerl, Andrea Colina Blanco, Stephan Clemens, Britta Planer-Friedrich
Uptake, accumulation, and metabolic fate of thioarsenates in plants08/2018-01/2022Stephan Clemens
Multiple stressors in stream in river systems in a changing climate: climatic effects on the C, N, Fe cycles and coupling with hydrology06/2018-06/2022Stefan Peiffer, Ben Gilfedder
Understanding natural carbon cycles and export dynamics in the Baverian Forest04/2018-04/2021Stefan Peiffer, Luisa Hopp, Jan Fleckenstein, Jan Fleckenstein, Ben Gilfedder
The influence of topography and other natural factors on the mobilization of dissolved organic carbon in the Bavarian Forest National Park03/2018-06/2021Katharina Blaurock, Stefan Peiffer, Luisa Hopp, Ben Gilfedder
Towards a predictive understanding of how mycorrhizal types influence the decomposition of soil organic matter02/2018-01/2021Johanna Pausch, Matthias Gube, Richard Phillips, Saskia Klink
Transport of New Environmental Pollutants in Porous Media: Micro-/nanoparticles10/2017-10/2021Taotao Lu, Stefan Peiffer, Sven Frei
Illuminating the dark side of surface meteorology: creating a novel framework to explain atmospheric transport and turbulent mixing in the weak-wind boundary layer05/2017-04/2022Karl Lapo, Shravan Kumar Muppa, Anita Freundorfer, Lena Pfister, Mohammad Abdoli, Johann Schneider, Christoph Thomas
SUSALPS - Sustainable use of alpine and pre-alpine grassland soils in a changing climate11/2015-10/2021
DroughtNet - International Drought Experiment04/2015-12/2021
NutNet - Nutrient Network01/2013-12/2021
Effects of disturbances on biodiversity at the landscape level01/2008-01/2022
EVENT - Effects of extreme weather events (drought, heavy rain, freeze-thaw cycles) and biodiversity on ecosystem function08/2006-12/2021
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Th. 2021-01-21
The impact of trees on soil organic carbon dynamics in the Subarctic - Priming effects and microbial N mining
Th. 2021-01-28
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Investigating communal pathogen defense and its role in social evolution
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