Running Projects

The effect of social isolation on offspring performance: an evolutionary, ecological and molecular perspective07/2022-06/2025Prof. Dr. Sandra Steiger
Evolutionary genomic of sociality in beetles06/2022-04/2025Prof. Dr. Sandra Steiger
Longitudinal Patterns of SSF-Stream Connections (DFG FOR 5288)01/2022-12/2025Natasha Gariremo, Luisa Hopp
Monitoring the generation and transformation of subsurface stormflow from hillslopes through the riparian zone (DFG FOR 5288)01/2022-12/2025Alexey Kuleshov, Luisa Hopp
DFG Core Facility: Bayreuth Center for Stable Isotope Research in Ecology and Biogeochemistry (BayCenSI)08/2021-07/2026Alexander Frank, Carina Bauer, Johanna Pausch, Tillmann Lüders, Eva Lehndorff, Gerhard Gebauer, Birgit Thies
Rhizosphere traits enhancing crop resilience to drought in modern cropping systems07/2021-01/2024Jakob Bogenreuther, Thomas Koellner
microplasticATfood07/2021-06/2023Martin Löder
Indirect and direct anthropogenic drivers: population increase, land management and conservation05/2021-01/2024Andreas Hemp
Elevational replacement, higher tropical mountain passes and isolated sky islands: untangling neutral and adaptive processes driving radiation of Andean Apocynaceae03/2021-03/2024Y. Melissa Pineda, Ulrich Meve, Nicolai M. Nürk, Sigrid Liede-Schumann
DFG: Defining archetypal transit time distributions and their dynamics in real-world catchments02/2021-01/2024Ingo Heidbüchel, Jan Fleckenstein
Budgeting Oxygen Generation under Changing Light Conditions in Oligotrophic Waters (O2-GLOW)01/2021-12/2023Alexander Frank
Methodoptimization for chemical analysis for the ultrafine particles11/2020-01/2024Elisabeth Eckenberger, Anke Nölscher
A temperate radiation in a tropical plant family – factors underpinning evolution of the Eurasian Vincetoxicum (Apocynaceae) complex10/2020-09/2023Marco Mraulag, Nicolai M. Nürk, Ulrich Meve, Sigrid Liede-Schumann
Reinigen Luftfiltersysteme von urbanem Stickstoffdioxid?10/2020-09/2023Leyla Sungur, Sophie Arzberger, Ines Bamberger, Johann Schneider, Christoph Thomas, Anke Nölscher
StMUV: REINELUFFT? - Teilprojekt Luft10/2020-09/2023Ines Bamberger, Leyla Sungur, Johann Schneider, Sophie Arzberger, Christoph Thomas, Anke Nölscher
Characterizing ultrafine particles in air close to Munich Airport08/2020-07/2023Julius Seidler, Markus Friedrich, Anke Nölscher
DiMoC - Diversity components in mosquito-borne diseases in face of climate change03/2020-12/2023Ridwan A. Shittu, Carl Beierkuhnlein, Stephanie Thomas
Rhizosphere traits enhancing yield resilience to drought in modern cropping systems02/2020-01/2024Andreas Wild, Angelika Mergner, Johanna Pausch
Demonstrationsprojekt Silphie-Anbau im Projektgebiet Nördliche Frankenalb05/2019-12/2023Reinhard Wesinger (GeoTeam), Marianne Lauerer, Johanna Pausch
Diversification of family life: species and sex differences in parental behavior along a gradient of offspring dependency02/2019-01/2024Lena Zywucki, Prof. Dr. Sandra Steiger
The role of vibrational and airborne communication in the evolution of parental care in burying beetles01/2019-02/2024Taina Conrad
Investigations on mycorrhizal associates and nutritional resources of mycoheterotrophic orchids in Taiwan09/2018-07/2023Franziska E. Zahn, Gerhard Gebauer
Uptake, accumulation, and metabolic fate of thioarsenates in plants08/2018-07/2023Stephan Clemens
Klimawandel in Bayern: Gewässergüte und nachhaltige Landwirtschaft04/2018-07/2023Bhumika Uniyal, Thomas Koellner
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BayCEER Colloquium:
Th. 2023-06-15
Insect interactions with natural and man-made toxins
Ecological-Botanical Garden:
We. 2023-05-31
Führung | Grüne Apotheke: Heilpflanzen
Su. 2023-06-04
Führung | Faltergarten: Schmetterlinge und ihre Raupenfutterpflanzen
We. 2023-06-07
Kurzführung | Botanische Mittagspause
We. 2023-06-14
Führung | Gin: Diese Pflanzen stecken drin
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Niederschlag: 0.0 mm/24h
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Niederschlag: 0.0 mm/24h
Wind (Höhe 32m): 8.2 km/h

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