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Publications of the year 2015

Arnhold, S; Otieno, DO; Onyango, John C; Huwe, B; Tenhunen, JD: Soil properties along a gradient from hillslopes to the savanna plains in the Lambwe Valley, Kenya, Soil & Tillage Research, Vol. 154, 75-83 (2015) [Link]
Atera, EA; Onyango, JC; Thanh, PT; Ishii, T; Itoh, K: Identification of QTL for Striga hermonthica resistance using backcross population derived from a cross between Oryza sativa (cv. Nipponbare) and O. rufipogon., Journal of Agricultural Science, 7 (2), 99-105 (2015)
Künster, J: Geschichte des Abfalls: Ein Vergleich zur geschichtlichen Entwicklung der Abfälle in den Gesellschaften des Globalen Nordens und Südens, AV Akademikerverlag, EAN: 9783639790573, (2015) [Link] -- Details

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