Second CREATE Workshop June 30 - July 4, 2014

Visit of Kenyan Delegation from Maseno University, Kenya, at University of Bayreuth

Invited by the CREATE initiative, a delegation of four Kenyan scientists, including the Vice-Chancellor of Maseno University, Prof. Dominik Makawiti, the Director of the Maseno Botanic Garden, Prof. John Onyango, a Social Development Consultant, Prof. Omondi Ahawo, and the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Lake Victoria Basin Development Authority, Dr. Peter Abuko, came to visit Bayreuth University for one week, in order to build up contacts for future cooperation between the two universites and joint projects in the Nzoia River Basin at Lake Victoria in Kenya.


After Plenary Discussion of UBT faculty and Kenyan delegation from Maseno University


Signing ceremony of the four years extension of the MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) between UBT and Maseno University, July 4, 2014.

Prof. Dr. Stefan Leible, President of UBT, Prof. Dr. Dominik Makawiti, Vice-Chancellor of Maseno University


The following goals were visualized for the second CREATE workshop:

  • Initiating communication between key players of Maseno University working on improving livelihoods in the Lake Victoria Basin and the faculty and administration of the University of Bayreuth, as a critical step in expanding collaboration with respect to understanding the impacts and potential management of global change.
  • Identification of a palette of “true interests” of UBT faculty interested in cooperative research in Kenya (and together with Maseno University), in order that appropriate local partners can be identified.
  • Determine the structure for the Third CREATE Workshop planned at Maseno University in February 2014. Establish a workshop structure that will subsequently facilitate joint research proposals.
  • Discuss the long-term goals of collaboration between Maseno University and UBT, and identify components of “win-win” interactions, e.g., determine what steps will lead to added gains through cooperation.


link to workshop report



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