CREATE Conference

February 3 - 6, 2015, Kisumu, Kenya



The Conference was held at Kisumu, at the border of Lake Victoria in Western Kenya and organized in collaboration between Maseno University, Moi University, and Lake Basin Development Authority in Kenya together with BayCEER-CREATE at University of Bayreuth, Germany, and ARIDnet, China-USA. The broad goal of the conference was to develop new partnerships, information exchange and cooperative initiatives that contribute to education, problem solving and resource management in the Lake Basin region. In particular, the meeting was meant to foster a strong cooperation among Maseno University, Moi University, and the Lake Basin Development Authority and with international input from the Consortium for Research in East African Tropical Ecosystems (CREATE).


official announcement and call for abstracts

Press release Univ. of Bayreuth

Program and Abstract Book

Pre-Meeting Excursion Guide

Pre-Meeting Excursion Report


Conference group photo at Kisumu Hotel with Cabinet Secretary of Kenyan Ministry of Environment,Water and Natural Resources, Prof. Judi Wakhungu (sitting in the middle of the front row), who came to open the meeting.


photos: B. Tenhunen, background: J. Reynolds

Thematic Areas

  1. Ecosystem Services Research and Management
  2. Ecosystem Restoration Studies
  3. Water Dynamics and Soil Integrity
  4. Reforestation and Tree Planting
  5. Nutrient Management Technologies
  6. Valuation, Maintenance and Productive Use of Wetland Ecosystems and Services
  7. Information and Outreach Material Aimed at Communities
  8. Governance, Management Insights and Analysis of Institutional Designs
  9. Bio-economic Research and Development
  10. Biodiversity and Key Species
  11. Water Quality Issues
  12. Diversification in Small Holder Farms
  13. Social Motivation and the Response to Global Change
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