Maseno University



Maseno University ( has four campuses with the main campus located along the equator in Western Kenya 25 km north of Kisumu and 400 km west of Nairobi. Additional instruction is provided at the Homa Bay, Kisumu City, and Bondo campuses.  

Cooperation between Maseno University and the University of Bayreuth initially focused on biodiversity and medicinal plants, a cooperation between Prof. John Onyango and Prof. Erwin Beck. Joint work led to establishment of the Maseno University Botanical Garden with plantings for study and preservation of many native species, and a center for information exchange on biodiversity within the BIOTA project ( Prof. Onyango and the Botanical Garden provide a solid and secure logistic base for the CREATE initiative. The Botanical Garden provides excellent opportunities for semi-controlled ecological experimentation and cultivation and development of native crops and horticultural plants. The work of Prof. Onyango (lower right in figure) features the promotion of upland rice cultivation by farmers to increase income.

Prof. Onyango established the University Botanic Garden, Maseno, as a Research Infrastructure and Centre for Ethno-botanical Plant Conservation in the Tropics of self sourced research funds from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research [BMB+F], Germany. The garden is a centre piece development for the university and compares to none in this region. It is a member of Botanic Gardens Conservation International with headquarters at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, U.K.

Short-term lodging is available near the Maseno University campus at Maseno Club, while long-term housing for students can be arranged with the University.

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