Geo-data ethics beyond the data: towards sustainable geodata ecosystems

Presenting person: Dr. Fran Meissner, University of Twente
Tu. 2022-05-31 (16:15-17:45), INF/ AI, H33 + online

If some say that data is the new oil, then spatio-temporal data is the new palla-
dium. It is extremely valuable and increasingly crucial for how our social life is
structured and made possible. e analogy obviously does not work that well.
While palladium is a rare metal – spatio-temporal data is produced and mined
in abundance. For spatial analysts, including geographers, this new abundance
of spatio-temporal data has led to a rush in nding different applications for
this data. ose concerned with the ethics of new data sources and geodata
technologies have mainly focused on how the data and its characteristics may
harm individuals and groups. is talk will focus on the ethics of spatio-tempo-
ral data beyond the data. I will discuss how broader data and technology ethics
concerns link in specic ways to the use of spatio-temporal data. With the talk,
I make a case for a more proactive and continuous re-visibilising of geo-spatial
data infrastructures – the infrastructures needed to make big-data geo-analysis
possible. I contend that doing so is crucial if we want to work within ethically
sustainable geodata ecosystems.

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