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DateLocationPresenting personTitle
Th. 2024-06-13 (09:00-16:30)Bayerisches Landesamt für Umwelt, Hans-Högn-Str. 12, 95030 Hof/SaaleDialog: ANL-Dialog Forschung & Praxis: Fließgewässerschutz im Klimawandel [Details]
Th. 2024-06-13 (12:15-13:45)H6, GeoProf. Dr. Richard Phillips, Department of Biology, Indiana UniversityBayCEER Colloquium: Seeing the forest beneath the trees: Mycorrhizal fungi as trait integrators of ecosystem processes [Details]
Fr. 2024-06-14 (17:00-19:00)Gutshof Mengersdorf, Mengersdorf 26, 95490 MistelgauDr. Franz Krah (Uni Bayreuth); AELF; Philipp Thor (UNB Bayreuth)Dialog: Forum Zukunftswald: Bedeutung & Förderung von Biotopbäumen sowie Totholz im Wald (VNP) [Details]
Sa. 2024-06-15 (10:00)ÖBGZertifizierung Feldbotanik Bronze [Details]
Sa. 2024-06-15 (14:00)ÖBGZertifizierung Feldbotanik (Silber) [Details]
Th. 2024-06-20 (12:15-13:45)H6, GeoDr. Sara König, Department of Soil System Science, Helmholtz Centre for Environmental ResearchBayCEER Colloquium: It's the little things that count - how microbial dynamics affect soil funtions at the pedon scale [Details]
Th. 2024-06-27 (12:15-13:45)H6, GeoProf. Dr. Melanie Dammhahn, Department of Behavioural Biology, University of MünsterBayCEER Colloquium: Who takes the risk? Patterns and consequences of individual variation in landscapes of fear
Th. 2024-07-04 (12:15-13:45)H6, GeoTyson TerryDr. Tyson Terry, Disturbance Ecology, BayCEERBayCEER Colloquium: How large-scale atmospheric trends affect resource availability for plants at small scales
Th. 2024-07-11 (12:15-13:45)H6, GeoProf. Dr. Anke C. Nölscher, Atmospheric Chemistry, BayCEERBayCEER Colloquium: Atmosphere in transition: A molecular level perspective
Mo. 2024-08-05 (09:00-18:00)tbaOliver Archner, BayCEER IT Service GroupBayCEER Short Courses: Unmanned airborne vehicle photogrammetry in practice [Details]
Fr. 2024-10-11 (11:00-19:00)Gutshof Mengersdorf, Mengersdorf 26, 95490 MistelgauOttmar Ruppert (Waldbautrainer)Dialog: Forum Zukunftswald: Erkennen & Förderung der Naturverjüngung im Wald [Details]
Th. 2024-10-17 (12:15-13:45)H6, GeoNNBayCEER Colloquium: - open -
Th. 2024-10-24 (12:15-13:45)H6, GeoNNBayCEER Colloquium: - open -
Th. 2024-11-07 (12:15-13:45)H6, GeoNNBayCEER Colloquium: - open -
Th. 2024-11-14 (12:15-13:45)H6, GeoNNBayCEER Colloquium: - open -
Th. 2024-11-21 (12:15-13:45)H6, GeoNNBayCEER Colloquium: - open -
Th. 2024-11-28 (12:15-13:45)H6, GeoNNBayCEER Colloquium: - open -
Th. 2024-12-05 (12:15-13:45)H6, GeoNNBayCEER Colloquium: - open -
Th. 2024-12-12 (12:15-13:45)H6, GeoNNBayCEER Colloquium: - open -
Th. 2025-01-09 (12:15-13:45)H6, GeoNNBayCEER Colloquium: - open -
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