Impacts of climate change on terrestrial vegetation: a macroecological perspective

Presenting person: Timo ConradiDr. Timo Conradi, Lehrstuhl für Pflanzenökologie, UBT (Homepage)
Th. 2023-04-20

Forecasting the impacts of climate change on ecosystems is a priority in ecological research. In this talk I will present recent efforts that use botanical big data to better understand the risks of climate change for the Earth’s vegetation. This will include analyses of the lasting legacies of past climatic changes on the present-day functioning of ecosystems, detection of the influence of recent climatic changes on multi-decadal vegetation dynamics, and the demonstration of a new modelling pipeline that uses physiological niche modelling of 135,000 plant species and trait data to project where future climatic changes are likely to force strong change in ecosystems and the assembly of novel ecosystems.


- Interim evaluation within the the habilitation procedure. Guests are very welcome! -

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