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From 10/2011 to 09/2022

Staff: Luciana Zedda, Gerhard Rambold

SEBio pursues the following main objectives:

  • Establishing new methods for detailed documentation of substrate-growing biological communities and their spaciotemporal changes
  • Promoting imaging techniques not disturbing the surveyed organisms   
  • Using image analysis for processing and analyzing huge data sets   
  • Making information accessible via online information systems
There are currently two subprojects under work. Both can also be reached in presentation-mode via separate URLs:
  • "BIOTA Southern Africa Lichens" [1] (BIOTA Southern Africa, Workpackage B2)   
  • "Epiphytic Organisms on Tree Trunk Surfaces" (TTS)


Upcoming ...

BayCEER Colloquium:
Th. 2023-02-09
Rising Novelty in Ecosystems and Climates
Th. 2023-02-16
What is diversification and how should we study it?
Ecological-Botanical Garden:
Su. 2023-02-05
Führung | Gin: Diese Pflanzen stecken drin
Su. 2023-02-05
Eröffnung | "Faszination Natur - Malereien und Zeichnungen" - Gemeinschaftsausstellung
Su. 2023-02-12
Eigentümlich fremd: Wie Neophyten unsere Vorstellungen von Natur provozieren
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Lufttemperatur: 2.0 °C
Niederschlag: 0.0 mm/24h
Sonnenschein: <1 h/d
Wind (Höhe 17m): 17.2 km/h
Wind (Max.): 34.6 km/h
Windrichtung: W

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Lufttemperatur: -0.6 °C
Niederschlag: 0.1 mm/24h
Wind (Höhe 32m): 3.3 km/h

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