Reconstruction of the Pleistocene and Holocene glaciation in the Annapurnal Himal (Nepal) with particular regard to the soils of glacial and fluvio-glacial deposits as indicators of climate fluctuations

VW Nepal I/77429

From 01/1997 to 12/2004

Principal Investigator: Erwin Beck, Wolfgang Zech

Soil science and pollen analysis studies to reconstruct the vegetation and the climate of the past 20.000 to 30.000 years

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Postponed to WS 22/23: Preserving ecosystem services and biodiversity on agricultural land
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Why forests appear the way they do: Insights gained from models and data
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Machine Learning and Deep Learning - Opportunities and limitations for ecology
Weather research site
Luftdruck (356m): 975.7 hPa
Lufttemperatur: 16.1 °C
Niederschlag: 4.6 mm/24h
Sonnenschein: <1 h/d
Wind (Höhe 17m): 11.7 km/h
Wind (Max.): 24.1 km/h
Windrichtung: W

Globalstrahlung: 113 W/m²
Lufttemperatur: 13.1 °C
Niederschlag: 3.8 mm/24h
Sonnenschein: <1 h/d
Wind (Höhe 32m): 0.0 km/h

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