Anna WalentowitzDr.

Anna Walentowitz


Phone: 0921-552299
Room: GEO II, Rm 002
e-Mail: Anna.Walentowitz(at)

Chair of Biogeography

Research interests:

My fields of research are largely related to anthropogenic biodiversity changes and novel ecosystems. In the context of island biogeography, I deal with vegetation changes caused by non-native plant species. Both recent vegetation patterns and the reconstruction of long-term developments in biogeographical species distribution patterns are part of my research. In addition to global projects on islands, the Galapagos Islands and the Canary Islands, especially La Palma, are the focus of my research.
In my research, the island of La Palma is not only a model ecosystem to study changes in biogeographic patterns caused by non-native species. Natural disturbances such as volcanic eruptions and their influence on vegetation patterns can also be observed there and are part of my field of interest.
Furthermore, I work on European and global level with bioconcepts for the classification of global biodiversity patterns and with the effectiveness of terrestrial protected areas.


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Upcoming ...
Mo. 2024-02-26
Ökologische Transformation – die Rolle der EU
Ecological-Botanical Garden:
Su. 2024-02-25
Ausstellungsende | "MAGIE NATUR" - Malerei von Lisa Failner und Martina Meyering-Vos
Su. 2024-02-25
Der Einfluss des europäischen Kolonialismus auf die Pflanzenwelt
Su. 2024-03-03
Start in die Saison: Aus der gärtnerischen Praxis
Su. 2024-03-03
Vernissage | da capo - Ausstellung von Doris Bocka
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