Prof. Dr. Sandra Steiger: Projects

  • The effect of social isolation on offspring performance: an evolutionary, ecological and molecular perspective (DFG STE 1874/12-1)
    Paul Huber, Prof. Dr. Sandra Steiger [Details]

  • Evolutionary genomic of sociality in beetles (DFG STE 1874/11-1; SPP 2349 GEvol)
    Prof. Dr. Sandra Steiger [Details]

  • Diversification of family life: species and sex differences in parental behavior along a gradient of offspring dependency (DFG STE 1874/8-1)
    Lena Zywucki, Prof. Dr. Sandra Steiger [Details]

  • How pheromones regulate family life – Chemical communication in burying beetle families (DFG STE 1874/3-3)
    Jacqueline Sahm, Prof. Dr. Sandra Steiger [Details]

Projects from other divisions

  • From facultative to obligate family life and back: ultimate and proximate aspects of variation in offspring dependence on parental care (DFG STE 1874/6-3)
    Prof. Dr. Sandra Steiger [Details]

Upcoming ...

BayCEER Colloquium:
Th. 2023-12-14
Soil structure, water, and organic matter – responses to different land management systems
Th. 2024-01-11
Iron mineral dynamics modulate organic carbon cycling in Iceland wetland soils
Ecological-Botanical Garden:
Su. 2023-12-10
Führung | "Kolonialpflanzen: Weihnachtsgebäck und Wintergewürz" - Führung zusammen mit dem Industriemuseum BT e.V."
Tu. 2023-12-12
Ökumenische Andacht zum Advent (ESG & KHG) mit dem Swahili Chor Bayreuth
Su. 2024-01-07
Führung | "Fortuna botanica: Glück bringende Pflanzen"
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