Heike Feldhaar: Publications

-- 2018 --
Brinker, P; Weig, A; Rambold, G; Feldhaar, H; Tragust, S: Microbial community composition of nest-carton and adjoining soil of the ant Lasius fuliginosus and the role of host secretions in structuring microbial communities, Fungal Ecology, 1–10 (2018), doi:10.1016/ j.funeco.2018.08.007 -- Details

-- 2015 --
Gegner, T; Otti, O; Tragust, S; Feldhaar, H: Do microsporidia function as “biological weapon” for Harmonia axyridis under natural conditions?, Insect Science, 22, 353-359 (2015), doi:10.1111/1744-7917.12224
Tragust, S; Feldhaar, H; Espadaler, X; Pedersen, J S: Rapid increase of the parasitic fungus Laboulbenia formicarum in supercolonies of the invasive garden ant Lasius neglectus, Biological Invasions, 17(10), 2795-2801 (2015), doi:10.1007/s10530-015-0917-0

-- 2013 --
Heidinger, IMM; Hein, S; Feldhaar, H; Poethke, HJ: The genetic structure of populations of Metrioptera bicolor in a spatially structured landscape: effects of dispersal barriers and geographic distance, Conservation Genetics, 14(2), 299-311 (2013)
Ratzka, C; Gross, R; Feldhaar, H: Gene expression analysis of the endosymbiont-bearing midgut tissue during ontogeny of the carpenter ant Camponotus floridanus, Journal of Insect Physiology, 59(6), 611-623 (2013)
Ratzka, C; Gross, R; Feldhaar, H: Systemic gene knockdown in Camponotus floridanus workers by feeding of dsRNA, Insectes Sociaux, 60(4), 475-484 (2013)

-- 2012 --
Groezinger, F; Wertz, A; Thein, J; Feldhaar, H; Roedel, MO: Environmental factors fail to explain oviposition site use in the European common frog, Journal of Zoology, 288, 103-111 (2012)
Ratzka, C; Foerster, F; Liang, CG; Kupper, M; Dandekar, T; Feldhaar, H; Gross, R: Molecular characterization of antimicrobial peptide genes of the carpenter ant Camponotus floridanus, PLoS ONE, 7, e43036 (2012)
Ratzka, C; Gross, R; Feldhaar, H: Endosymbiont tolerance and control within insect hosts, Insects, 3(2), 553-572 (invited review) (2012), doi:10.3390/insects3020553

-- 2011 --
Drescher, J; Feldhaar, H; Blüthgen, N: Interspecific aggression and resource monopolization of the invasive ant Anoplolepis gracilipes in Malaysian Borneo, Biotropica, 43(1), 93-99 (2011)
Feldhaar, H: Bacterial symbionts as mediators of ecologically important traits of insect hosts - Invited Review, Ecological Entomology, 36, 533-543 (2011)
Leonhardt, SD; Form, S; Blüthgen, N; Schmitt, T; Feldhaar, H: Genetic relatedness and chemical profiles in an unusually peaceful eusocial bee, Journal of Chemical Ecology, 37(10), 1117-1126 (2011)
Ratzka, C; Liang, C; Dandekar, T; Gross, R; Feldhaar, H: Immune response of the ant Camponotus floridanus against pathogens and its obligate mutualistic endosymbiont, Insect Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, 41, 529-536 (2011)
Simberloff, D; and 140 others, incl Heike Feldhaar: Non-natives: 141 scientists object, Nature, 475(7354), 36 (2011), doi:10.1038/475036a

-- 2010 --
Blüthgen, N; Feldhaar, H: Food and Shelter: How resources influence ant ecology in Eds. Lach, L., C. Parr and K. Abbott: Ant ecology, Oxford University Press, Oxford, U.K., pp. 115-136 (2010)
Drescher, J; Blüthgen, N; Schmitt, T; Bühler, J; Feldhaar, H: Societies drifting apart? Behavioural, genetic and chemical differentiation between supercolonies in the yellow crazy ant Anoplolepis gracilipes, PLoS ONE, 5(10), e13581 (2010), doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0013581
Feldhaar, H; Gadau, J; Fiala, B: Speciation in obligately plant-associated Crematogaster ants: Host-distribution rather than adaption towards specific hosts drives the process in Ed.: M. Glaubrecht: Evolution in Action - Adaptive Radiations and the Origins of Biodiversity, Springer, Berlin, Germany, pp. 193-213 (2010)
Feldhaar, H; Gebauer, G; Blüthgen, N: Stable isotopes: Past and future in exposing secrets of ant nutrition (Hymenoptera: Formicidae), Myrmecological News, 13, 3-13 (2010) -- Details
Feldhaar, H; Gebauer, G; Blüthgen, N: Stable isotopes: Past and future in exposing secrets of ant nutrition, Myrmecological News, 13, 3-13 (2010)
Sandberger-Loua, L; Feldhaar, H; Lampert, KP; Lamatsch, DK; Rödel, M-O: Small, specialized and highly mobile? Population structure of a tree-hole breeding frog, Phrynobatrachus guineensis (Amphibia: Anura: Phrynobatrachidae), African Journal of Herpetology, 59, 79-94 (2010)
Stoll, S; Feldhaar, H; Gross, R: Bacteriocyte dynamics during development of the holometabolous carpenter ant Camponotus floridanus, BMC Microbiology, 10, 308 (2010)
Thomas, ML; Becker, K; Abbott, K; Feldhaar, H: Supercolony mosaics: two different invasions by the yellow crazy ant, Anoplolepis gracilipes, on Christmas Island, Indian Ocean, Biological Invasions, 12, 677-687 (2010)
Türke, M; Fiala, B; Linsenmair, KE; Feldhaar, H: Estimation of dispersal distances of the obligately plant-associated ant Crematogaster decamera, Ecological Entomology, 35, 662-671 (2010)

-- 2009 --
Feldhaar, H; Gross, R: Insects as hosts for mutualistic bacteria, International Journal of Medical Microbiology, 299, 1-8 (2009)
Feldhaar, H; Gross, R: Insect Symbionts in Eds. Haas, A., and U.E. Schaible: Intracellular niches of pathogens - a microbe's guide through the host cell, Wiley-VCH Publishers, Weinheim, Germany, pp. 547-563 (2009)
Feldhaar, H; Gross, R: Genome degeneration affects both extracellular and intracellular endosymbionts, Journal of Biology, 8, 31 (2009)
Stoll, S; Feldhaar, H; Gross, R: Transcriptional profiling of the endosymbiont Blochmannia floridanus during different developmental stages of its ant host, Environmental Microbiology, 11, 877-888 (2009)
Stoll, S; Feldhaar, H; Gross, R: Promoter characterization in the AT-rich genome of the obligate endosymbiont "Candidatus Blochmannia floridanus", Journal of Bacteriology, 191, 3747-3751 (2009)

-- 2008 --
Feldhaar, H; Foitzik, S; Heinze, J: Life-long commitment to the wrong partner: Hybridization in ants, Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London, Series B, 363, 2891-2899 (2008)
Feldhaar, H; Gross, R: Immune reactions of insects on bacterial pathogens and mutualists, Microbes & Infection, 10, 1082-1088 (2008)
Gómez-Valero, L; Latorre, A; Gil, R; Gadau, J; Feldhaar, H; Silva, FJ: Patterns and rates of nucleotide substitution, insertion and deletion in the endosymbiont of ants Blochmannia floridanus, Molecular Ecology, 17, 4382-4392 (2008)
Helmkampf, M; Gadau, J; Feldhaar, H: Population- and sociogenetic structure of Atta colombica (Formicidae, Myrmicinae) in the Barro Colarado Island area, Panama, Insectes Sociaux, 55, 434-442 (2008)
Pol, RG; Lopez de Casenave, J; Feldhaar, H; Milesi, F; Gadau, J: Polyandry in two South American harvester ants, Insectes Sociaux, 55, 91-97 (2008)

-- 2007 --
Drescher, J; Blüthgen, N; Feldhaar, H: Population structure and intraspecific aggression in the invasive ant species Anoplolepis gracilipes in Malaysian Borneo, Molecular Ecology, 16, 1453-1465 (2007) [Link]
Feldhaar, H; Straka, J; Krischke, M; Berthold, K; Stoll, S; Mueller, MJ; Gross, R: Nutritional upgrading for an omnivorous carpenter ants by the endosymbiont Blochmannia, BMC Biology, 5, 48 (2007)
Stoll, S; Gadau, J; Gross, R; Feldhaar, H: Bacterial microbiota associated with ants of the genus Tetraponera, Biological Journal of the Linnean Society, 90, 399-412 (2007)
Straka, J; Feldhaar, H: Development of a chemically defined diet for ants, Insectes Sociaux, 54, 100-104. Corrigendum in: Insectes Sociaux 54 (2): 202 (doi:10.1007/s00040-007-0934-9), failure in vol 54, pg 100, 2007 (2007), doi:10.1007/s00040-007-0910-4
Wilting, A; Buckley-Beason, VA; Feldhaar, H; Gadau, J; O'Brien, SJ; Linsenmair, KE: Clouded leopard phylogeny revisited: support for species and subspecies recognition, Frontiers in Zoology, 4, 15 (2007)

-- 2006 --
Feldhaar, H; Drescher, J; Blüthgen, N: Characterization of microsatellite markers for the invasive ant species Anoplolepis gracilipes, Molecular Ecology Notes, 6, 912-914 (2006)
Jürgens, A; Feldhaar, H; Feldmeyer, B; Fiala, B: Chemical composition of leaf volatiles in Macaranga species (Euphorbiaceae) and their potential role as olfactory cues in host-localisation of foundress queens of specific ant partners, Biochemical Systematics and Ecology, 34, 97-113 (2006)
Maschwitz, U; Feldhaar, H; Disney, RHL: A virgin killer: The phorid Trucidophora feldhaarae Disney sp. n. parasitizes female reproductives of obligate plant-ants of the genus Crematogaster (Diptera: Phoridae; Formicidae: Myrmicinae), Sociobiology, 47, 811-828 (2006)
Zientz, E; Beyaert, I; Gross, R; Feldhaar, H: Relevance of the endosymbiosis of Blochmannia floridanus and carpenter ants at different stages of the life cycle of the host, Applied and Environmental Microbiology, 72, 6027-6033 (2006)

-- 2005 --
Feldhaar, H; Fiala, B; Gadau, J: A shift in colony founding behaviour in the obligate plant-ant Crematogaster (Decacrema) morphospecies 2, Insectes Sociaux, 52, 222-230 (2005)
Zientz, E; Feldhaar, H; Stoll, S; Gross, R: Insights into the microbial world associated with ants, Archives of Microbiology, 184, 199-206 (2005)

-- 2004 --
Feldhaar, H; Fiala, B; Gadau, J: Characterization of microsatellite primers for plant-ants of the genus Crematogaster subgenus Decacrema, Molecular Ecology Notes, 4, 409-411 (2004)

-- 2003 --
Feldhaar, H; Fiala, B; bin Hashim, R; Maschwitz, U: Patterns of the Crematogaster-Macaranga association: The ant partner makes the difference, Insectes Sociaux, 50, 9-19 (2003)
Feldhaar, H; Fiala, B; Gadau, J; Mohamed, M; Maschwitz, U: Molecular phylogeny of Crematogaster subgenus Decacrema ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) and the colonization of Macaranga (Euphorbiaceae) trees, Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, 27, 441-452 (2003)

-- 2002 --
Moog, J; Feldhaar, H; Maschwitz, U: On the caulinary domatia of the SE-Asian ant-plant Zanthoxylum myriacanthum Wall. ex Hook. f. (Rutaceae) and the protection against herbivory, Sociobiology, 40(3), 547-574 (2002)

-- 2000 --
Feldhaar, H; Fiala, B; bin Hashim, R; Maschwitz, U: Maintaining an ant-plant symbiosis: secondary polygyny in the Macaranga triloba-Crematogaster sp. association, Naturwissenschaften, 87, 408-411 (2000)

-- 1998 --
Feldhaar, H; Stein, J: Stress proteins and molecular chaperones - protectors of intestinal epithelial damage?, Zeitschrift für Gastroenterologie, 36, 193-195 (1998)
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