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Carolin Kerl: Publications

Peer reviewed


Knobloch, P., Pham, L., Kerl, C., Guo, Q., Planer-Friedrich, B.: Seasonal Formation of Low-Sorbing Methylthiolated Arsenates Induces Arsenic Mobilization in a Minerotrophic Peatland. Environmental Science & Technology, 58(3), 1669-1679 (2024).


Hu, R., Cooper, J., Daroub, S., Kerl, C., Planer-Friedrich, B., Seyfferth, A.: Low levels of arsenic and cadmium in rice grown in southern Florida Histosols : Impacts of water management and soil thickness. Science of the Total Environment, 869, 161712 (2023).

Kerl, C., Basallote, M., Käberich, M., Oldani, E., Cerón Espejo, N., Colina Blanco, A., Cánovas, C., Nieto, J., Planer-Friedrich, B.: Consequences of sea level rise for high metal(loid) loads in the Ría of Huelva estuary sediments. Science of the Total Environment, 873, 162354 (2023).

Colina Blanco, A., Pischke, E., Higa Mori, A., Kerl, C., Clemens, S., Planer-Friedrich, B.: In Planta Arsenic Thiolation in Rice and Arabidopsis thaliana. Environmental Science & Technology, 57(51), 21846-21854 (2023).


Castillejos Sepúlveda, A., Gatti, L., Kerl, C., Chennu, A., Klatt, J.: Arsenic speciation analysis in porewater by a novel colorimetric assay. Science of the Total Environment, 827, 154155 (2022).

Planer-Friedrich, B., Kerl, C., Colina Blanco, A., Clemens, S.: Dimethylated Thioarsenates : A Potentially Dangerous Blind Spot in Current Worldwide Regulatory Limits for Arsenic in Rice. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 70(31), 9610-9618 (2022).

Pischke, E., Barozzi, F., Colina Blanco, A., Kerl, C., Planer-Friedrich, B., Clemens, S.: Dimethylmonothioarsenate Is Highly Toxic for Plants and Readily Translocated to Shoots. Environmental Science & Technology, 56(14), 10072-10083 (2022).


Colina Blanco, A., Kerl, C., Planer-Friedrich, B.: Detection of Thioarsenates in Rice Grains and Rice Products. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 69(7), 2287-2294 (2021).

Eberle, A., Besold, J., Leon Ninin, J., Kerl, C., Kujala, K., Planer-Friedrich, B.: Potential of high pH and reduced sulfur for arsenic mobilization : Insights from a Finnish peatland treating mining waste water. Science of the Total Environment, 758, 143689 (2021).


Eberle, A., Besold, J., Kerl, C., Lezama-Pacheco, J., Fendorf, S., Planer-Friedrich, B.: Arsenic Fate in Peat Controlled by the pH-Dependent Role of Reduced Sulfur. Environmental Science & Technology, 54(11), 6682-6692 (2020).

Planer-Friedrich, B., Forberg, J., Lohmayer, R., Kerl, C., Boeing, F., Kaasalainen, H., Stefánsson, A.: Relative Abundance of Thiolated Species of As, Mo, W, and Sb in Hot Springs of Yellowstone National Park and Iceland. Environmental Science & Technology, 54(7), 4295-4304 (2020).

Wang, J., Kerl, C., Hu, P., Martin, M., Mu, T., Brüggenwirth, L., Wu, G., Said-Pullicino, D., Romani, M., Wu, L., Planer-Friedrich, B.: Thiolated arsenic species observed in rice paddy pore waters. Nature Geoscience, 13(4), 282-287 (2020).


Kerl, C., Boffa Ballaran, T., Planer-Friedrich, B.: Iron plaque at rice roots : no barrier for methylated thioarsenates. Environmental Science & Technology, 53(23), 13666-13674 (2019).

Kerl, C., Schindele, R., Brüggenwirth, L., Colina Blanco, A., Rafferty, C., Clemens, S., Planer-Friedrich, B.: Methylated Thioarsenates and Monothioarsenate Differ in Uptake, Transformation, and Contribution to Total Arsenic Translocation in Rice Plants. Environmental Science & Technology, 53(10), 5787-5796 (2019).

Muehe, E., Wang, T., Kerl, C., Planer-Friedrich, B., Fendorf, S.: Rice production threatened by coupled stresses of climate and soil arsenic. Nature Communications, 10, 4985 (2019).


Kerl, C., Rafferty, C., Clemens, S., Planer-Friedrich, B.: Monothioarsenate Uptake, Transformation, and Translocation in Rice Plants. Environmental Science & Technology, 52(16), 9154-9161 (2018).


Kerl, C., Lohmayer, R., Bura-Nakić, E., Vance, D., Planer-Friedrich, B.: Experimental confirmation of isotope fractionation in thiomolybdates using ion chromatographic separation and detection by multi-collector ICPMS. Analytical Chemistry, 89(5), 3123-3129 (2017).

Other publications


Kerl, C.: Importance of Thioarsenates for Rice Plants. - Bayreuth: 2020. - XV, 197 p.
(Thesis, 2020, Universität Bayreuth, Bayreuther Graduiertenschule für Mathematik und Naturwissenschaften - BayNAT)

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