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Peer reviewed


Bartnick, R., Rodionov, A., Oster, S., Löder, M., Lehndorff, E.: Plastic Quantification and Polyethylene Overestimation in Agricultural Soil Using Large-Volume Pyrolysis and TD-GC-MS/MS. Environmental Science & Technology, 1-9 (2024).

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Steiner, T., Leitner, L., Zhang, Y., Möller, J., Löder, M., Greiner, A., Laforsch, C., Freitag, R.: Detection and specific chemical identification of submillimeter plastic fragments in complex matrices such as compost. Scientific Reports, 14, 2282 (2024).

Rolf, M., Laermanns, H., Horn, J., Kienzler, L., Pohl, C., Dierkes, G., Kernchen, S., Laforsch, C., Löder, M., Bogner, C.: Multi-method analysis of microplastic distribution by flood frequency and local topography in Rhine floodplains. Science of the Total Environment, 927, 171927 (2024).

Wohlschläger, M., Versen, M., Löder, M., Laforsch, C.: A promising method for fast identification of microplastic particles in environmental samples : A pilot study using fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy. Heliyon, 10(3), e25133 (2024).

Jemec Kokalj, A., Kalčíková, G., Selonen, S., Bosker, T., Drobne, D., Dvorakova, D., Hofman, J., Hurley, R., Kernchen, S., Laforsch, C., Löder, M., van Loon, S., Redondo-Hasselerharm, P., Saartama, V., Šmídová, K., Tsagkaris, A., Zantis, L., Nizzetto, L., van Gestel, C.: Strategy towards producing relevant and reliable data for the hazard assessment of micro- and nanoplastics in agricultural soils. TrAC Trends in Analytical Chemistry, 172, 117567 (2024).


Prume, J., Laermanns, H., Löder, M., Laforsch, C., Bogner, C., Koch, M.: Evaluating the effectiveness of the MicroPlastic Sediment Separator (MPSS). Microplastics and Nanoplastics, 3, 26 (2023).

Steiner, T., Möller, J., Löder, M., Hilbrig, F., Laforsch, C., Freitag, R.: Microplastic Contamination of Composts and Liquid Fertilizers from Municipal Biowaste Treatment Plants : Effects of the Operating Conditions. Waste and Biomass Valorization, 14, 873-887 (2023).

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Jakobs, A., Gürkal, E., Möller, J., Löder, M., Laforsch, C., Lüders, T.: A novel approach to extract, purify, and fractionate microplastics from environmental matrices by isopycnic ultracentrifugation. Science of the Total Environment, 857, Part 3, 159610 (2023).

Bergami, E., Ferrari, E., Löder, M., Birarda, G., Laforsch, C., Vaccari, L., Corsi, I.: Textile microfibers in wild Antarctic whelk Neobuccinum eatoni (Smith, 1875) from Terra Nova Bay (Ross Sea, Antarctica). Environmental Research, 216, Part 2, 114487 (2023).


Kernchen, S., Löder, M., Fischer, F., Fischer, D., Moses, S., Georgi, C., Nölscher, A., Held, A., Laforsch, C.: Airborne microplastic concentrations and deposition across the Weser River catchment. Science of the Total Environment, 818, 151812 (2022).

Mondellini, S., Schott, M., Löder, M., Agarwal, S., Greiner, A., Laforsch, C.: Beyond microplastics : Water soluble synthetic polymers exert sublethal adverse effects in the freshwater cladoceran Daphnia magna. Science of the Total Environment, 847, 157608 (2022).

Ritschar, S., Schirmer, E., Hufnagl, B., Löder, M., Römpp, A., Laforsch, C.: Classification of target tissues of Eisenia fetida using sequential multimodal chemical analysis and machine learning. Histochemistry and Cell Biology, 157(2), 127-137 (2022).

Hufnagl, B., Stibi, M., Martirosyan, H., Wilczek, U., Möller, J., Löder, M., Laforsch, C., Lohninger, H.: Computer-Assisted Analysis of Microplastics in Environmental Samples Based on μFTIR Imaging in Combination with Machine Learning. Environmental Science & Technology Letters, 9(1), 90-95 (2022).

Rolf, M., Laermanns, H., Kienzler, L., Pohl, C., Möller, J., Laforsch, C., Löder, M., Bogner, C.: Flooding frequency and floodplain topography determine abundance of microplastics in an alluvial Rhine soil. Science of the Total Environment, 836, 155141 (2022).

Schrank, I., Möller, J., Imhof, H., Hauenstein, O., Zielke, F., Agarwal, S., Löder, M., Greiner, A., Laforsch, C.: Microplastic sample purification methods : Assessing detrimental effects of purification procedures on specific plastic types. Science of the Total Environment, 833, 154824 (2022).

Schöpfer, L., Möller, J., Steiner, T., Schnepf, U., Marhan, S., Resch, J., Bayha, A., Löder, M., Freitag, R., Brümmer, F., Laforsch, C., Streck, T., Forberger, J., Kranert, M., Kandeler, E., Pagel, H.: Microplastics persist in an arable soil but do not affect soil microbial biomass, enzyme activities, and crop yield. Journal of Plant Nutrition and Soil Science, 185(6), 836-849 (2022).

Steiner, T., Zhang, Y., Möller, J., Agarwal, S., Löder, M., Greiner, A., Laforsch, C., Freitag, R.: Municipal biowaste treatment plants contribute to the contamination of the environment with residues of biodegradable plastics with putative higher persistence potential. Scientific Reports, 12, 9021 (2022).

Schrank, I., Löder, M., Imhof, H., Moses, S., Heß, M., Schwaiger, J., Laforsch, C.: Riverine microplastic contamination in southwest Germany : A large-scale survey. Frontiers in Earth Science, 10, 794250 (2022).

Möller, J., Heisel, I., Satzger, A., Vizsolyi, E., Oster, S., Agarwal, S., Laforsch, C., Löder, M.: Tackling the Challenge of Extracting Microplastics from Soils : A Protocol to Purify Soil Samples for Spectroscopic Analysis. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, 41(4), 844-857 (2022).


Kumar, V., Löschel, L., Imhof, H., Löder, M., Laforsch, C.: Analysis of microplastics of a broad size range in commercially important mussels by combining FTIR and Raman spectroscopy approaches. Environmental Pollution, 269, 116147 (2021).

Prume, J., Gorka, F., Löder, M.: From sieve to microscope : An efficient technique for sample transfer in the process of microplastics' quantification. MethodsX, 8, 101341 (2021).

Weig, A., Löder, M., Ramsperger, A., Laforsch, C.: In situ Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Communities on Microplastic Particles in a Small Headwater Stream in Germany. Frontiers in Microbiology, 12, 660024 (2021).

Teichert, S., Löder, M., Pyko, I., Mordek, M., Schulbert, C., Wisshak, M., Laforsch, C.: Microplastic contamination of the drilling bivalve Hiatella arctica in Arctic rhodolith beds. Scientific Reports, 11, 14574 (2021).

Meides, N., Menzel, T., Pötzschner, B., Löder, M., Mansfeld, U., Strohriegl, P., Altstädt, V., Senker, J.: Reconstructing the Environmental Degradation of Polystyrene by Accelerated Weathering. Environmental Science & Technology, 55(12), 7930-7938 (2021).

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Ramsperger, A., Stellwag, A., Caspari, A., Fery, A., Lüders, T., Kress, H., Löder, M., Laforsch, C.: Structural Diversity in Early-Stage Biofilm Formation on Microplastics Depends on Environmental Medium and Polymer Properties. Water, 12(11), 3216 (2020).


Schrank, I., Trotter, B., Dummert, J., Scholz-Böttcher, B., Löder, M., Laforsch, C.: Effects of microplastic particles and leaching additive on the life history and morphology of Daphnia magna. Environmental Pollution, 255, Part 2, 113233 (2019).

Hufnagl, B., Steiner, D., Renner, E., Löder, M., Laforsch, C., Lohninger, H.: A methodology for the fast identification and monitoring of microplastics in environmental samples using random decision forest classifiers. Analytical Methods, 11(17), 2277-2285 (2019).

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Imhof, H., Sigl, R., Brauer, E., Feyl, S., Giesemann, P., Klink, S., Leupolz, K., Löder, M., Löschel, L., Missun, J., Muszynski, S., Ramsperger, A., Schrank, I., Speck, S., Steibl, S., Trotter, B., Winter, I., Laforsch, C.: Spatial and temporal variation of macro-, meso- and microplastic abundance on a remote coral island of the Maldives, Indian Ocean. Marine Pollution Bulletin, 116(1-2), 340-347 (2017).


Kirstein, I., Kirmizi, S., Wichels, A., Garin-Fernandez, A., Erler, R., Löder, M., Gerdts, G.: Dangerous hitchhikers? Evidence for potentially pathogenic Vibrio spp. on microplastic particles. Marine Environmental Research, 120, 1-8 (2016).

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Oberbeckmann, S., Löder, M., Labrenz, M.: Marine microplastic-associated biofilms : a review. Environmental Chemistry, 12(5), 551-562 (2015).

Books and Book sections


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