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Martin Pfeiffer: Publications

Enkhtur, K; Brehm, G; Boldgiv, B; Pfeiffer, M: Alpha and beta diversity patterns of macro-moths reveal a breakpoint along a latitudinal gradient in Mongolia., Scientific Reports, 11(1), 1-13 (2021), doi:10.1038/s41598-021-94471-3
Enkhtur, K; Brehm, G; Boldgiv, B; Pfeiffer, M: Effects of grazing on macro-moth assemblages in two different biomes in Mongolia., Ecological Indicators (2021)
Enkhtur, K; Munkhbat, U; Boldgiv, B; Pfeiffer, M: Diversity of moths (Lepidoptera: Heterocera) in north-central Mongolia. In: Erforschung biologischer Ressourcen der Mongolei, Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg, 14 (2021)
Stiepani, J; Gillis, LG; Chee, SY; Pfeiffer, M; Nordhaus, I: Impacts of urbanization on mangrove forests and brachyuran crabs in Penang, Malaysia, Regional Environmental Change, 21(69), 1-13 (2021), doi:10.1007/s10113-021-01800-3
Enkhtur, K; Boldgiv, B; Pfeiffer, M: Diversity and Distribution Patterns of Geometrid Moths (Geometridae, Lepidoptera) in Mongolia., Diversity, 12(5), 1-26 (2020), doi:10.3390/d12050186
Pfeiffer, M; Dulamsuren, C; Jäschke, Y; Wesche, K: Grasslands of China and Mongolia: Spatial Extent, Land Use and Conservation. In: Squires, V.R., Dengler, J., Feng, H. and Hua, L. (eds.): Grasslands of the World: Diversity, Management and Conservation. CRC Press, Boca Raton, US., , 167-196 (2018)
Enkhtur, K; Pfeiffer, M; Lkhagva, A; Boldgiv, B: Response of moths (Lepidoptera: Heterocera) to livestock grazing in Mongolian rangelands., Ecological Indicators, 72, 667-674 (2017), doi:10.1016/j.ecolind.2016.08.053
Poloczek, A; Pfeiffer, M; Schneider, R; Mühlenberg, M: The Chilopoda (Myriapoda) of the Khentey-Mountain Range, Northern Mongolia. Communities of different forest-types under a varying fire regime, European Journal of Soil Biology, 74, 114-120 (2016), doi:10.1016/j.ejsobi.2016.04.004
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