Bouchra Marouane: Publications

Marouane, B; El Hajjaji, Souad; El Yadini, Adil; Dahchour, Abdelmalek: Photolysis of chlorpyrifos in various aqueous solutions, , Basic Research Journal of Agricultural Sciences Review(4(8)), 239-245 (2015)
El Yadini, Adil; Marouane, B; Ahmido, Adnan; Dunlop, Patrick SM; Anthony Byrne, John; El Azzouzi, Mohamed; El Hajjaji, Souad: Photolysis and photodegradation of Fenamiphos insecticide by using slurry and supported TiO2, , Journal of Materials and Environmental Sciences(4), 973-980 (2014)
Marouane, B; Dahchour, Abdelmalek; Dousset, Sylvie; El Hajjaji, Souad: Monitoring of Nitrate and Pesticide Pollution in Mnasra, Morocco Soil and Groundwater, , Water Environment Research(87(6)), 567-575 (2014), doi:10.2175/106143015X14212658614711
Marouane, B; Dahchour, Abdelmalek; Dousset, Sylvie; El Hajjaji, Souad: Monitoring the Mnasra groundwater quality regarding nitrate-related pollution. Gharb region- Morocco. 2011-2012, , Moroccan Journal of Chemistry(2(4)), 375-382 (2014)
Marouane, B; El Hajjaji, Souad; Dahchour, Abdelmalek; Dousset, Sylvie; Satrallah, Ahmed: . Impact of agricultural practices on groundwater quality: Case of Gharb region- Morocco, , Journal of Materials and Environmental Sciences(5(S1)), 2174- 2180 (2014)
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Extreme redox oscillations in freshwater re-flooded acid sulfate soil wetlands: Effects on Fe, S, and trace metals geochemical behavior
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Dissolved organic matter quality in differently managed forest ecosystems
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Signaling of rhizosphere microbiome: key for plant health, development and nutrition
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