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Peer reviewed


Rohrbach, S., Gkoutselis, G., Hink, L., Weig, A., Obst, M., Diekmann, A., Ho, A., Rambold, G., Horn, M.: Microplastic polymer properties as deterministic factors driving terrestrial plastisphere microbiome assembly and succession in the field. Environmental Microbiology, 25(12), 2681-2697 (2023).

Holzinger, A., Hink, L., Sehl, E., Rüppel, N., Lehndorff, E., Weig, A., Agarwal, S., Horn, M., Feldhaar, H.: Biodegradable polymers boost reproduction in the earthworm Eisenia fetida. Science of the Total Environment, 892, 164670 (2023).

Müller, F., Schüler, D., Weig, A.: Complete genome sequencing and annotation of Rhodomicrobium vannielii strain DSM166 suggest affiliation to Rhodomicrobium lacus. Microbiology Resource Announcements, 12(12), e00690-23 (2023).

Seidenath, D., Weig, A., Mittereder, A., Hillenbrand, T., Brüggemann, D., Opel, T., Langhof, N., Riedl, M., Feldhaar, H., Otti, O.: Diesel exhaust particles alter gut microbiome and gene expression in the bumblebee Bombus terrestris. Ecology and Evolution, 13(6), e10180 (2023).

Hink, L., Holzinger, A., Sandfeld, T., Weig, A., Schramm, A., Feldhaar, H., Horn, M.: Microplastic ingestion affects hydrogen production and microbiomes in the gut of the terrestrial isopod Porcellio scaber. Environmental Microbiology, 25(12), 2776-2791 (2023).

Liu, H., Banfield, C., Gomes, S., Gube, M., Weig, A., Pausch, J.: Vegetation transition from meadow to forest reduces priming effect on SOM decomposition. Soil Biology & Biochemistry, 184, 109123 (2023).


Gubitz, C., Reul, M., Weig, A.: Zur Kenntnis von Agaricus depauperatus s. l. unter Berücksichtigung weiterer rötender Champignon-Arten. Zeitschrift für Mykologie, 88(1), 23-44 (2022).

Völkl, M., Jérôme, V., Weig, A., Jasinski, J., Meides, N., Strohriegl, P., Scheibel, T., Freitag, R.: Pristine and artificially-aged polystyrene microplastic particles differ in regard to cellular response. Journal of Hazardous Materials, 435, 128955 (2022).

Kumar, A., Weig, A., Agarwal, S.: Balancing Degradability and Physical Properties of Amorphous Poly (D, L‐lactide) by Making Blends. Macromolecular Materials and Engineering, 307(6), 2100602 (2022).

Mlinar, S., Weig, A., Freitag, R.: Influence of NH₃ and NH₄⁺ on anaerobic digestion and microbial population structure at increasing total ammonia nitrogen concentrations. Bioresource Technology, 361, 127638 (2022).

Simeon, M., Weig, A., Freitag, R.: Optimization of soil microbial fuel cell for sustainable bio-electricity production: combined effects of electrode material, electrode spacing, and substrate feeding frequency on power generation and microbial community diversity. Biotechnology for Biofuels and Bioproducts, 15, 124 (2022).

Pastore, G., Weig, A., Vazquez, E., Spohn, M.: Weathering of calcareous bedrocks is strongly affected by the activity of soil microorganisms. Geoderma, 405, 115408 (2022).


Weig, A., Löder, M., Ramsperger, A., Laforsch, C.: In situ Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Communities on Microplastic Particles in a Small Headwater Stream in Germany. Frontiers in Microbiology, 12, 660024 (2021).

Müller, J., van Veen, H., Bartylla, M., Akman, M., Pedersen, O., Sun, P., Schuurink, R., Takeuchi, J., Todoroki, Y., Weig, A., Sasidharan, R., Mustroph, A.: Keeping the shoot above water : submergence triggers antithetical growth responses in stems and petioles of watercress (Nasturtium officinale). New Phytologist, 229(1), 140-155 (2021).

Křemenová, J., Bartonička, T., Balvín, O., Massino, C., Reinhardt, K., Sasínková, M., Weig, A., Otti, O.: Male diet affects female fitness and sperm competition in human- and bat-associated lineages of the common bedbug, Cimex lectularius. Scientific Reports, 11(1), No. 15538 (2021).

Weithmann, N., Mlinar, S., Sonnleitner, E., Weig, A., Freitag, R.: Flexible feeding in anaerobic digestion : Impact on process stability, performance and microbial community structures. Anaerobe, 68, 102297 (2021).


Guhr, A., Weig, A.: Assessment of prokaryote to eukaryote ratios in environmental samples by SSU rDNA length polymorphism. Antonie van Leeuwenhoek, 113, 175-183 (2020).

Silva, K., Schüler, M., Mickoleit, F., Zwiener, T., Müller, F., Awal, R., Weig, A., Brachmann, A., Uebe, R., Schüler, D.: Genome-Wide Identification of Essential and Auxiliary Gene Sets for Magnetosome Biosynthesis in Magnetospirillum gryphiswaldense. mSystems, 5(6), e00565-20 (2020).

Mlinar, S., Weig, A., Freitag, R.: Influence of mixing and sludge volume on stability, reproducibility, and productivity of laboratory-scale anaerobic digestion. Bioresource Technology Reports, 11, 100444 (2020).


Weithmann, N., Mlinar, S., Hilbrig, F., Bachmaf, S., Arndt, J., Planer-Friedrich, B., Weig, A., Freitag, R.: Arsenic metabolism in technical biogas plants : possible consequences for resident microbiota and downstream units. AMB Express, 9, 190 (2019).

Bäumler, J., Riber, W., Klecker, M., Müller, L., Dissemeyer, N., Weig, A., Mustroph, A.: AtERF#111/ABR1 is a transcriptional activator involved in the wounding response. The Plant Journal, 100(5), 969-990 (2019).

Feulner, M., Weig, A., Voss, T., Schott, L., Aas, G.: Central European polyploids of Sorbus subgenus Aria (Rosaceae) recurrently evolved from diploids of central and south-eastern Europe : evidence from microsatellite data. Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society, 191(3), 315-324 (2019).

Brinker, P., Weig, A., Rambold, G., Feldhaar, H., Tragust, S.: Microbial community composition of nest-carton and adjoining soil of the ant Lasius fuliginosus and the role of host secretions in structuring microbial communities. Fungal Ecology, 38, 44-53 (2019).

Widdig, M., Schleuss, P., Weig, A., Guhr, A., Biederman, L., Borer, E., Crawley, M., Kirkman, K., Seabloom, E., Wagg, P., Spohn, M.: Nitrogen and Phosphorus Additions Alter the Abundance of Phosphorus-Solubilizing Bacteria and Phosphatase Activity in Grassland Soils. Frontiers in Environmental Science, 7, 185 (2019).


Dinh, M., Guhr, A., Weig, A., Matzner, E.: Drying and rewetting of forest floors : dynamics of soluble phosphorus, microbial biomass-phosphorus, and the composition of microbial communities. Biology and Fertility of Soils, 54(6), 761-768 (2018).


Feulner, M., Weig, A., Paule, J., Gregor, T., Schott, L., Aas, G.: Genetic variability and morphology of tri- and tetraploid members of the Sorbus aria complex in northern Bavaria. Preslia, 89(3), 275-290 (2017).

Guhr, A., Horn, M., Weig, A.: Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) increases drought tolerance of Agaricus bisporus. Mycologia, 109(6), 860-873 (2017).


Klecker, T., Wemmer, M., Haag, M., Weig, A., Böckler, S., Langer, T., Nunnari, J., Westermann, B.: Interaction of MDM33 with mitochondrial inner membrane homeostasis pathways in yeast. Scientific Reports, 5, 18344 (2016).

Pahlevani, A., Feulner, M., Weig, A., Liede-Schumann, S.: Molecular and morphological studies disentangle species complex in Euphorbia sect. Esula (Euphorbiaceae) from Iran, including two new species. Plant Systematics and Evolution, 303(2), 139-164 (2016).

Weithmann, N., Weig, A., Freitag, R.: Process parameters and changes in the microbial community patterns during the first 240 days of an agricultural energy crop digester. AMB Express, 6, 53 (2016).


Habel, J., Brückmann, S., Krauss, J., Schwarzer, J., Weig, A., Husemann, M., Steffan-Dewenter, I.: Fragmentation genetics of the grassland butterfly Polyommatus coridon : Stable genetic diversity or extinction debt?. Conservation Genetics, 16, 549-558 (2015).

Heuck, C., Weig, A., Spohn, M.: Soil microbial biomass C:N:P stoichiometry and microbial use of organic phosphorus. Soil Biology & Biochemistry, 85, 119-129 (2015).

Harter, D., Thiv, M., Weig, A., Jentsch, A., Beierkuhnlein, C.: Spatial and ecological population genetic structures within two island-endemic Aeonium species of different niche width. Ecology and Evolution, 5(19), 4327-4344 (2015).


Kis-Papo, T., Weig, A., Riley, R., Peršoh, D., Salamov, A., Sun, H., Lipzen, A., Wasser, S., Rambold, G., Grigoriev, I., Nevo, E.: Genomic adaptations of the halophilic Dead Sea filamentous fungus Eurotium rubrum. Nature Communications, 5, 3745 (2014).

Greiner, K., Peršoh, D., Weig, A., Rambold, G.: Phialosimplex salinarum, a new species of Eurotiomycetes from a hypersaline habitat. IMA Fungus, 5, 161-172 (2014).


ElSayed, A., Weig, A., Sariyeva, G., Hummel, E., Yan, S., Bertolini, A., Komor, E.: Assimilate export inhibition in Sugarcane yellow leaf virus-infected sugarcane is not due to less transcripts for sucrose transporters and sucrose-phosphate synthase or to callose deposition in sieve plates. Physiological and Molecular Plant Pathology, 81, 64-73 (2013).

Weig, A., Peršoh, D., Werner, S., Betzlbacher, A., Rambold, G.: Diagnostic assessment of mycodiversity in environmental samples by fungal ITS1 rDNA length polymorphism. Mycological Progress, 12(4), 719-725 (2013).

Feulner, M., Liede-Schumann, S., Meve, U., Weig, A., Aas, G.: Genetic structure of three Sorbus latifolia (Lam.) Pers. taxa endemic to northern Bavaria. Plant Systematics and Evolution, 299(6), 1065-1074 (2013).


Peršoh, D., Weig, A., Rambold, G.: A transcriptome-targeting EcoChip for assessing functional mycodiversity. Microarrays, 1(1), 25-41 (2012).


ElSayed, A., Weig, A., Komor, E.: Molecular characterization of Hawaiian Sugarcane yellow leaf virus genotypes and their phylogenetic relationship to strains from other sugarcane-growing countries. European Journal of Plant Pathology, 129(3), 399-412 (2011).


Eisenbarth, D., Weig, A.: Dynamics of aquaporins and water relations during hypocotyl elongation in Ricinus communis L. seedlings. Journal of Experimental Botany, 56(417), 1831-1842 (2005).

Eisenbarth, D., Weig, A.: Sucrose carrier RcSCR1 is involved in sucrose retrieval, but not in sucrose unloading in growing hypocotyls of Ricinus communis L. Plant Biology, 7(1), 98-103 (2005).


Johanson, U., Karlsson, M., Johansson, I., Gustavsson, S., Sjövall, S., Fraysse, L., Weig, A., Kjellbom, P.: The complete set of genes encoding major intrinsic proteins in Arabidopsis provides a framework for a new nomenclature for major intrinsic proteins in plants. Plant Physiology, 126(4), 1358-1369 (2001).


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Weig, A., Komor, E.: The lipid-transfer protein C of Ricinus communis L. : Isolation of two cDNA sequences which are strongly and exclusively expressed in cotyledons after germination. Planta, 187(3), 367-371 (1992).

Books and Book sections


Weig, A., Jakob, C.: Functional characterisation of Arabidopsis thaliana aquaglyceroporins. In: Stefan Hohmann (eds.): Molecular biology and physiology of water and solute transport. - New York : Kluwer, 2000. - 365-372.

Weig, A., Eisenbarth, D.: Role of aquaporins during elongation growth of castor bean seedlings. In: Stefan Hohmann (eds.): Molecular biology and physiology of water and solute transport. - New York : Kluwer, 2000. - 357-364.

Other publications


Weig, A., Peršoh, D., Rambold, G.: EcoChips für die Erforschung mikrobieller Lebensgemeinschaften. BIOspektrum, 19(4), 382-385 (2013).


Weig, A., Eisenbarth, D.: Aquaporin function in hypocotyl growth. - (Poster), Plant Biology 2000, 15.-19. July 2000, San Diego, USA.


Daniels, M., Weig, A., Maurel, C., Chrispeels, M.: PIPs and TIPs, aquaporins of the plasma membrane and the vacuolar membrane. - (Poster), The American Society for Cell Biology 35th annual meeting, 09.-13. Dez. 1995, Washington, USA.


Weig, A.: Molekularbiologische Analyse der Hexose- und Saccharosecarrier aus Ricinus communis L : Klonierung und Sequenzierung, heterologe Expression und Bestimmung der Verteilung in der Pflanze. - : 1994. - 122 p.
(Thesis, 1994, Universität Bayreuth, Fakultät für Biologie, Chemie und Geowissenschaften)

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