Kukharets, VP; Nalbandyan, HG; Foken, T: Thermal interactions between the underlying surface and a nonstationary radiaton flux, Izvestiya, Atmospheric and Oceanic Physics, 36/3, 318-325 (2000)
The dynamics of interactions between the underlying surface and a varying solar radiation flux is considered. An analysis of a large body of data on fluctuations in the land surface temperature and the incoming solar radiation is indicative of a significant difference between the real thermal characteristics of the underlying surface and the standard (reference) ones. This difference is due to the thermal properties of soil being are nonuniform in depth. In connection with this, it is concluded that a two-layer model, which represents the underlying surface in the form of a half-space with uniform thermal properties, is unsuitable for the description of thermal interactions between the real surface and the atmosphere. A procedure of an experimental determination of the thermal properties of the underlying medium is described. This procedure is based on the comparison between the spectra of fluctuations in the land surface temperature and the incoming solar radiation. Errors related to the use of the model of a uniform underlying medium are discussed. It is suggested that the procedure described in this paper be used for remote sensing of the thermal properties of real types of the underlying surface.
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