GrassPlot Workshop 6-10 March 2017 in Bayreuth

Thanks to funding from BayIntAn program of the Bavarian Research Alliance (BayFor) and co-funding from BayCEER, an international workshop on Scale-dependent phytodiversity patterns in Palaearctic grasslands took place in Bayreuth from 6-10 March 2017 (More information on the workshop...). The main aims were the organisation of the further development of the database, planning of overarching analyses and papers of the data as well as third-party grant proposals based on them. The 13 workshop participants from nine countries combined representative of the main data contributors with specialists in ecological theory and state-of-the-art statistical analyses of such huge macroecological datasets. During one intensive week the participants planned about one dozen papers based on the common database, but also coined a name for this database (GrassPlot) and developed Bylaws that balance the rights and interests of data contributors and data users. During the Workshop one of the participants, Prof. Dr. David Storch (Charles University of Prague), gave a public lecture on "Biodiversity scaling: between biology and geometry", closely related to some of the main research topics that are going to be addressed with the GrassPlot data.

Host: Jürgen Dengler (BayCEER, DE)

Participants: Idoia Biurrun (ES), Timo Conradi (DK/DE), Iwona Dembicz (BayCEER, DE/PL), Goffredo Filibeck (IT), Itziar García-Mijangos (ES), Riccardo Guarino (IT), Elisabeth Hüllbusch (BayCEER, DE), Monika Janišová (SK), Alireza Naqinezhad (IR), Santiago Soliveres (CH/ES), Manuel J. Steinbauer (DK/DE), David Storch (CZ), Viktoria Wagner (CZ/AT)

Remote participants: Steffen Boch (CH/DE), Alessandro Chiarucci (IT), Francesco de Bello (CZ), Swantje Löbel (SE/DE), Werner Ulrich (PL)

Some workshop impressions...

GrassPlot: group photo

GrassPlot: at work I

GrassPlot: at work II

GrassPlot: blackboard



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