Other research projects based on EVA data

J. Dengler is involved in various other research projects using data from the European Vegetation Archive (EVA). A selection is listed below:


Ecological niches and spatial distribution of the two invasive Impatiens species (glandulifera, parviflora) and their native congener (noli-tangere) in Europe

Project leaders: Jürgen Dengler & Heike Feldhaar (both BayCEER)

Start: September 2015 (currently on hold because the Ecological Indicator Values for Europe are not ready yet)

Project description: http://euroveg.org/requests/EVA-data-request-form-2015-09-04-Dengler-Impatiens.pdf


Identify the relationship between latitude and elevational range for plant species using global species-specific data

Project leaders: Severin Irl & Jürgen Dengler (all BayCEER)

Start: August 2016

Project description: http://euroveg.org/requests/EVA-data-request-form-2015-12-15-Dengler-Irl-Nuppenau.pdf


Scale dependence of macroclimate as explanatory of species’ distribution and richness patterns with varying spatial resolution

Project leaders: Andreas Schweiger, Severin Irl & Jürgen Dengler (all BayCEER)

Start: August 2016

Project description: http://euroveg.org/requests/EVA-data-request-form-2016-08-30-Schweiger-Irl-Dengler.pdf


Dark diversity and species pool estimates based on species co-occurrences and distributions

Project leader: Tonu Raitviir & Meelis Pärtel (EE)

Start: September 2016

Project description: http://euroveg.org/requests/EVA-data-request-form-2016-09-06-Partel.pdf


Impacts of farmland abandonment on grassland communnities across the European territory

Project leader: Ângela Cristina de Araújo Rodrigues Lomba (PT)

Start: November 2016

Project description: http://euroveg.org/requests/EVA-data-request-form-2016-11-30-Lomba.pdf


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