sPlot - the global vegetation-plot database

Aims: sPlot aims at providing a single integrated vegetation-plot database for any region and vegetation type worldwide to allow continental to global analyses of functional composition, diversity and invasion patterns of plant communities across the world’s biomes. Three international workshops have been conducted from 2013-2016 at the German Centre of Integrative Biodiversity Research (iDiv) in Leipzig to compile the data, plan and unify the database and to start novel analyses at global scale using the sPlot data. sPlot version 2.1 has been released at the sPlot Workshop III in October 2016 in Halle (more…). Now the analyses for the first series of papers are ongoing and the preparation of the next fixed version of sPlot (3.0) has started to which contribution of additional databases and updates of already included databases are invited.

Foundation: 2013

Founders: Helge Bruelheide (Halle, DE) & Oliver Purschke (Halle, DE)

Coordinator 2013-2016: Jürgen Dengler (Bayreuth, DE); since end of 2016: Borja Jiménez-Alfaro

Steering Committee: Helge Bruelheide (Halle, DE), Milan Chytrý (Brno, CZ), Jürgen Dengler (Bayreuth, DE), Florian Jansen (Rostock, DE), Valério D. Pillar (Porto Alegre, BR)

Bylaws: https://www.idiv.de/fileadmin/content/Files_sDiv/sDiv_Workshops_Photos_Docs/sDiv_WS_Documents_sPlot/sPlot-Rules_approved.pdf

URL: https://www.idiv.de/splot

Current content (sPlot 2.1, October 2016): 1,121,244 plots (from 110 member databases, 7 continents, 160 countries)





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